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Woman mortified after accidentally ‘washing her nan’ in the washing machine

Woman mortified after accidentally ‘washing her nan’ in the washing machine

The Norfolk woman was left in hysterics after realising what she'd done

There's nothing worse than realising you've made an accidental addition to your washing machine whilst doing your weekly load.

Whether you've popped in a hot pink sock with all your whites, realised you left your AirPods in your jeans pocket, or found an open packet of chewing gum has attached itself to your favourite woolly jumper, we've all done it.

But 30-year-old Brilley Coates made the laundry mistake to end all mistakes, after she realised she'd included something a little extra into her wash.

Whilst unloading her freshly cleaned clothes, the Norfolk-born beauty salon owner spotted a small black bag at the bottom of the machine.

It was only after investigating the bag further, that she was left in shock when she discovered that it was in fact a bag that contained her late grandmother's ashes.

Admitting her shock naturally turned to laughter, Coates recalled: "I pulled my washing out when I saw the ashes at the bottom of the machine and started laughing.

"But I was also massively confused as to how she got in there - she was meant to be in a drawer upstairs."

The Norfolk woman discovered her nan's ashes sitting in the bottom of the washing machine.

She later suspected that her two-year-old half Norwegian Forest cat - aptly named Menace - had managed to get into the upstairs draw where the ashes were stored.

It's likely that her feline friend was playing with the bag before eventually dropping it in a pile of laundry.

It was then that Coates must have scooped it up while putting a load on, not noticing the her grandma's ashes sitting at bottom of the pile.

"He must have pulled her bag out of the drawer after seeing the tie hanging out. He really is a menace; I’ve just found him running around with her in his mouth.

"I instantly laughed, and I wasn’t in any type of mood anymore. My Nan always said she would always be around, and I do believe in things like that.

"My mom absolutely loved it; she instantly said that it’s my Nan playing tricks on me."

The woman was in hysterics after 'washing' her nan.

Speaking of jaw-dropping discoveries, another woman in the UK has sent shockwaves through the nation this week after discovering something about licence plates that she’s ‘sure no one else knows’.

Despite having been driving for eight years, Courtney Wright took to TikTok to admit: "I’ve just learnt something new this morning. I actually can’t believe."

"Did anyone know that on a car number plate… so I just thought the only relevance to a number plate was the number.

"So obviously, like, if it’s 23 then it was registered in 2023. No. Apparently, the first two letters on your number plate - so, like, my old car was MV and that means that car was registered in Manchester.

"So they all have different codes, so it goes from MA to M-whatever and that’s all from Manchester.

The woman thought her driving reg plate letters were just random.

"The first two letters actually mean something. So you’ve got where the car was registered, the year it was registered and then just a random sequence.

"I’m actually… it’s literally blown my mind. Actually mind blown. I’m just… I can’t believe it."

The more you know, eh?

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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