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Woman left dumbfounded after ex boyfriend steals bathroom essential during breakup

Woman left dumbfounded after ex boyfriend steals bathroom essential during breakup

How's that for a petty breakup?

When you go through a breakup, no matter how nasty, would you steal from your ex?

That’s a conundrum that many go through when they split and are in the mood for a bit of pettiness.

But rather than stealing their favourite cup for their morning tea or all of the batteries out of the remotes, what about an absolute essential piece of equipment that most people probably wouldn't even think of?

Well, luckily you can read a strange story about an ex who did exactly that.

A women shared how her ex-boyfriend stole her toilet, leaving her to dash to Taco Bell every time she needed to go to the loo.

I don’t know if I’d laugh or cry at that.

Though, I don’t think she was laughing when her plumber ex nabbed her porcelain throne.

Anyway, it all began when the woman broke up with her beau because he 'doesn't pay his way' and 'refuses to tip service staff'.

A woman's ex stole her toilet.

Then, shortly after their breakup, she went to lie down in her bedroom so he could pack his things and go, but she accidentally fell asleep.

That’s when she woke up to what he’d decided to nab.

In a Reddit post, she said: "I split up with my boyfriend yesterday. I fell asleep while he was packing, and he stole my toilet. He's a licensed plumber so he knew what he was doing. I won't lie I've been laughing about it too. Every breakup just gets more and more interesting."

Of all the things to steal...

She added: " Nothing about him makes sense. [He's] the cheapest motherf***er I've ever met. He refuses to tip servers at restaurants because that's how they do it in Japan (according to him) and wouldn't pay the power bill for the whole time we lived together."

Due to the fact that this was the only totty to use, she ended up having to run to her local Taco Bell to relieve herself, but I mean... it’s Taco Bell. Think of the food you could order.

But thankfully, she did manage to get hold of another plumber to fit her a new toilet in no time.

One user commented on her post: "This is f***ing hilarious - I'm so sorry about the breakup and losing a toilet, but that's so f***ing random it's funny. He removed it very clean at least."

Another user said: "At least you can paint that spot on the wall now."

A third user chimed in: "Police were called, they saw the hole in the bathroom and are looking into it. Meanwhile, they have nothing to go on."

One more person added: "And the toilet paper which seems a bit redundant..."

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