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Alan Sugar says people who work from home are 'lazy gits’ and should be 'paid less'

Alan Sugar says people who work from home are 'lazy gits’ and should be 'paid less'

The Apprentice mogul Sir Alan Sugar reckons people who work from home ought to be paid less.

The Apprentice mogul Alan Sugar has claimed that people working from home are 'lazy gits' who should be fired if they don't go back to the office.

Sugar launched a series of tweets claiming people were 'watching golf and tennis at home' when they ought to be working and claimed the taxpayer (which includes people working from home) was footing the bill.

He also took aim at some of the comments on Good Morning Britain, which suggested those who work from home should actually be paid more to heat their homes, arguing that they 'should be paid less'.

Lots of people hit back at Lord Sugar, with one person saying his claims were 'absolutely insulting' to people working hard from home throughout the pandemic and beyond, while another slated him as a 'dinosaur'.

Others suggested his stance was too generalised, arguing that working from home – or a hybrid of home working and being in the office – worked well for many people, for a number of reasons.

One wrote: "What about the people who work from home who aren’t lazy gits and do hours upon hours of unpaid overtime because they’re dedicated to their jobs and believe since they’re saving time on travel they’ll do the extra work to help their company? Answer that one."

Alan Sugar.
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Someone else said: "Personally I hate working from home but it works for some, they can still do their jobs just as well and it takes cars off the road, making them safer and less polluting. Why is it such a big deal?"

Some also asked Sugar whether his comments had an ulterior motive behind it, with many suggesting that he wanted people back in the office to avoid offices falling into disuse and losing value.

Several pointed out that the guy who made his fortune making home computers didn't have much of a leg to stand on when it came to claiming people shouldn't be working from home.

In his defence this isn't the worst thing Sugar has said on Twitter, he's very active on the platform and has dropped some terrible takes over the years. Earlier this year he was slated for claiming women's football didn't have male commentators while watching Holland vs Sweden, a game where male commentator Jonathan Pearce was commentating.

He also got mugged off by Ian Wright for his tweet slating Arsenal's pink kit, Sugar is a devoted Spurs fan and thought he'd stick the boot into mortal enemies Arsenal by slating their kit.

It backfired badly when Wright hit back to say 'real men can wear pink' while wearing a bright pink shirt on Match of the Day, while others piled into the backlash to call Sugar a 'pathetic dinosaur'.

Likely his worst take on the social media site was back in 2018 during the World Cup, where he tweeted a picture of the Senegal national team with photoshopped images of sunglasses and handbags for sale.

In the face of accusations of racism, Sugar later deleted the offending tweet.

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