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Amazon Prime calls out Netflix for its password sharing crackdown

Amazon Prime calls out Netflix for its password sharing crackdown

Whoever is running that account needs a raise.

Amazon Prime Video has just slammed Netflix over their recent crackdown on password-sharing among users, and people are loving it.

Netflix has finally started rolling out its long-threatened policy of restricting password-sharing among mates, families, and exes.

Everyone's a little salty about the move, so when Prime Video UK took a shot at Netflix's new policy in a brutal tweet, the crowd went wild.

The genius behind the Prime Video UK Twitter account shared a screenshot of the streaming app's profile selection page, which asks users: "Who's watching?"

On this particular profile selection page, there are six different profiles. Together, they read: "Everyone who has our password [heart emoji]."

It's almost time to say goodbye to password sharing.

Taking it a step further, that screenshot was quote-tweeting a 2017 tweet from Netflix which read: "Love is sharing a password."

That one didn't age well...

Scorned Netflix users were big fans of Prime Video's ruthless callout.

"Damn whoever manages this account is a savage for this hahahaha" tweeted one follower.

"I’m here for the streaming service wars ngl," wrote a second.

"Amazon clapped Netflix so damn hard lol," commented a third, to which the Prime Video UK account replied: "Giggling and tweeting and hoping we don’t do the same."

Earlier this week, Netflix announced that it had launched its anti-password-sharing policy in the UK, and users would soon be asked to prove that they were in the same household as the people they share an account with, or face being locked out.


A statement emailed to users on Tuesday (23 May) warned: "Starting today, we will be sending this email to members who are sharing Netflix outside their household in the United Kingdom."

It went on to explain: "Your Netflix account is for you and the people you live with – your household."

So, if you've recently moved out of your parents' house and are still using the family Netflix account, you're going to have to start thinking about setting up your own new subscription - or trying to convince the owner of the account to pay more for the family account.

You see, when a user gets that dreaded notification from Netflix that they're suspected of using an account outside of their household, they'll be given two options.

Are you going to have to set up your own Netflix account for the first time?
Louisa Svensson / Alamy Stock Photo

They can either 'Transfer A Profile', which lets users move a watching profile - transferring recommendations, viewing history, My List and more - to a new membership paid for by someone else or they can 'Buy An Extra Member' for an additional $7.99/£4.99 per month for each new member.

If you choose the latter, the 'extra member" will receive their own account and password.

It's a cold world out there.

Featured Image Credit: bigtunaonline / Alamy Stock Photo

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