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Blake Lively Trolls Ryan Reynolds On Their Wedding Anniversary

Blake Lively Trolls Ryan Reynolds On Their Wedding Anniversary

The pair are at it again, taking to social media to mercilessly troll each other

Rachael Grealish

Rachael Grealish

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds - the king and queen of trolling each other online - are at it again in honour of their sixth wedding anniversary.

In order the celebrate the occasion Blake Lively has poked fun at her Deadpool actor husband on Instagram - where else? - by commenting on a picture of a him in a recent advertisement.

Ryan shared a picture of an advertisement for his alcohol company, Aviation Gin, plastered on the side of a truck.

The ad sees the comedy actor looking quite smug as he enjoys the drink - it's definitely not an advert you could describe as subtle and Blake wanted to let her husband know this.


She posted it with the comment: "Who needs a mini van?! I'm driving this from now on,"

The 31-year-old actress continued and said: "Sbtle, gorgeous, and OHMYGAWDYOUREHUGE."

With Blake trolling her husband fans of the couple can be sure to look out for some kind of retaliation from her hilarious husband.

The couple, who got married on 9 September 2012, are always #couplegoals when it comes to their trolling and roasting efforts on social media.

The pair have been merciless with each other and birthdays are no exception.

One of their best moments came when Ryan took to to social media platforms to wish his wife a happy 30th birthday.

The Deadpool actor wished his wife the best with a strategically cropped photo of the two of them.

Instagram/Ryan Reynolds

The former Gossip Girl star got her revenge on her husband's birthday the following October, cutting most of his face out of a picture - leaving only a picture of Ryan Gosling.

Instagram/Blake Lively

Back at the premiere for the film A Quiet Place the pair were caught in a sickenly cute candid photo on the red carpet.

Ryan can be seen smiling at his wife, who has a hand gently placed on the actor's chest.

Any other couple would probably post this picture with a cute 'love you' type comment - not Blake though - the experienced banter merchant captioned the photo: "If there's one thing I'm infinitely proud of in this picture, it's the incredible hair styling that I did on myself."

This came a few weeks after Ryan responded to rumours that he and his wife are struggling to find time to spend with each other.

The Canadian actor posted on Twitter: "I wish. I could use a little "me time"".

Despite their online 'feud', it does seem like they are very happy together. Proving that couples who slay together (or each other), stay together. We can all probably learn something from that.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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