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Gemma Collins Reveals She's Made A Sex Tape And She'd Sell It For £1M

Gemma Collins Reveals She's Made A Sex Tape And She'd Sell It For £1M

The 'TOWIE' star said she used an iPhone to make the film

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Most celebrities are terrified at the thought of a sex tape being leaked and having their intimate moments splashed all over the Internet for any pervert to casually take a look at.

However, it seems not all celebrities worry about their bits being put on display, because The Only Way Is Essex star Gemma Collins has revealed she's made a sex tape and would be willing to share it with the world. It won't come cheap, though, as Gemma reckons the tape is worth a cool £1 million ($1.3m).

Just think of what she could do with all that cash, eh?


Reality star and meme Gemma, 37, told the Sun she stripped off and whipped out her iPhone to record her and her fella going at it, so she could look back on it in the future. Fair enough.

"I have actually made a sex tape and it's very good, if I do say so myself," she told the paper.

"I just made it because I was in love with my partner and I really fancied him, and always wanted to look at it again. It is on an iPhone somewhere in my house."

She went on to tell the Sun that she even reckons her tape could compete with Kim K's tape infamous sex tape with rapper Ray J.


"I do feel my sex tape would knock Kim K off her pedestal," she added. "But I'd need a million for it."

It's not clear who the man is in the film, but she is currently in a relationship with fellow Essex reality star James Argent, with whom, she told the paper, she enjoys 'an amazing sex life'.

She added: "I know people would enjoy it. And I'd enjoy the money because I could go on holiday for a year." Good point, Gem.

Although she's been on TOWIE since it started, Gemma got a whole new fan-base and became an instant meme after she fell through the trap door at the Radio 1 Teen Awards last year - and fair play to her, she's been a good sport about the whole thing.

Speaking to the Sun, Gemma said: "I'm at Wembley Arena. In my head, I thought I was Madonna. With that I spun round in excitement and fell down the hole. On the Love Island cast. Nearly killed them. But, while I'm down the hole, I wet myself in shock.

"I then get whizzed of the stage after nearly breaking my back and have to go and do another presenting link while I've wet myself, but no one realised. I was drenched to the hills. I hope no one smelt it."

Source: The Sun

Featured Image Credit: PA

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