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​YouTubers Are Questioning What Happened To Belle Delphine After She 'Disappeared’ From Internet

​YouTubers Are Questioning What Happened To Belle Delphine After She 'Disappeared’ From Internet

Various people have tweeted recently to point out that Delphine appears to have gone AWOL

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

A bunch of YouTubers are discussing what's happened to online star Belle Delphine after people noticed she's seemingly 'disappeared' from the internet, having not been seen on Twitter and Instagram for several months.

Various people have tweeted recently to point out that Delphine - whose real name is Mary-Belle Kirschner - appears to have gone AWOL, with one saying: "So @bunnydelphine disappeared."

Someone else had noticed as well, writing: "Belle Delphine took over the internet and then disappeared and then came back and then disappeared again."

Even a couple of months ago, another fan asked: "Why Belle Delphine disappeared from social media again?"

A fourth said: "Hilarious to me how Belle Delphine made a trillion dollars off one sextape and just disappeared forever."

Indeed, you may have noticed she's someone you've not seen online for a while. The last time she tweeted was back in February, when she posted a link to a range of Belle Delphine-themed PC accessories.


The confusion has now also crossed over into the YouTube world, where several stars have taken it upon themselves to chat about what might be going on in a recent episode of the Painkiller Already [PKA] Podcast, a series hosted by YouTubers WoodysGamerTag, FPSRussia and TaylorMurka.

In the show, where the usual presenters were joined by fellow YouTube star F1nn5ter, the topic of conversation turned to Delphine.


F1nn5ter, who often dresses up like an 'e-girl' to troll internet users, joked: "As soon as I can look like Belle Delphine, the better."

Woody then asked: "God, how is she doing? She was smashing it when she first did porn, and I haven't heard about her since."

F1nnSter explained how Delphine 'takes occasional breaks', saying: "She takes these breaks and then hypes everything up when she's back."

He claims he had spoken to her on Twitter back in April, adding that while she seems to have disappeared, there's one site where she's continued to engage with fans.

F1nn5ter added: "But she's always active on her OnlyFans or whatever it is."


Lo and behold, if you head over to Delphine's OnlyFans account, you'll notice that she was last active just last week, on 14 October.

So there you go: Delphine doesn't appear to have 'disappeared' altogether.... for now you'll just probably have to pay a subscription fee for the pleasure of her presence.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Belle Delphine

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