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Andrea McLean strips off to recreate iconic Christmas film scene

Andrea McLean strips off to recreate iconic Christmas film scene

The former Loose Women panellist managed to get people in a right merry mood with her festive skit.

A brief look at Andrea McLean's Instagram bio will give you the rundown of all her achievements; she's a broadcaster, author, keynote speaker, media trainer, brand ambassador, podcast host and midlife champion.

But she ought to add actress to the long list of her accolades now, as her recreation of a scene in a classic Christmas film has really got people in a merry mood.

The fact that the former Loose Women panellist, 54, stripped off and hopped in the shower for the funny festive skit also seems to have helped matters.

Take a look here:

The mum-of-two roped in her husband, life coach Nick Feeney, 51, for the Yuletide role play too - although the character he took on was fully clothed.

Andrea told her 302,000 followers that the couple wanted to pay 'homage to their favourite Christmas movie' with the hilarious video, which was filmed and edited by her daughter Amy.

It turns out that the pair are just like the rest of us and can't get enough of Elf throughout the holiday season, which has plenty of iconic scenes to choose from.

Don't be disappointed when you find out that Andrea didn't do her best Will Ferrell impression though - as Buddy's part was reserved for Nick.

The TV star instead took on the role of Jovie, the Gimbel's store assistant played by Zooey Deschanel who has an impressive set of pipes on her, and later ends up marrying the bloke who was raised in the North Pole.

Andrea McLean did her best Zooey Deschanel impression. Credit:Instagram/@andreamclean1
Andrea McLean did her best Zooey Deschanel impression. Credit:Instagram/@andreamclean1

Before she and Buddy got together and had their daughter Susie, they obviously had a chaotic but cute love story - which first started heating up when he heard her singing in the showers at work.

Jovie was memorably belting out 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' while having a wash, but as she was in the women's locker room solo, she didn't have a duet partner to sing back the responding lyrics - until Buddy heard her crooning and crept in.

Andrea has obviously seen the film ample times and nailed her imitation of the Elf star by getting her kit off, hopping in the shower and miming to the words - but confessed she was actually wearing a swimming costume while filming it.

Meanwhile, Nick was perched on the sink in a full Buddy the Elf get up and jubilantly joined in with the festive track.

As we all well know, the pair harmonise at the end of the chorus and that's when it dawns on Jovie that someone has joined her in the bathroom - so she peels back the shower curtain and screams in shock: "Get out! Don't look at me!"

Her hubby Nick took on the role of Buddy the Elf for the festive skit.

Andrea hilariously bobbed her head out while wrapped in a towel and recites the lines to her husband, who follows Buddy's lead by covering his eyes, walking straight into a door and falling onto the ground.

It really was a belting effort from her and Nick, which was applauded by social media users who flooded the comment section with compliments on their acting skills.

One wrote: "This makes me smile every time I watch this. Love it! Merry Christmas."

Another said: "OMG NICK!! I just watched it in the gym, twice, and let out the loudest belly laughter both times. You guys are brilliant!! Bravo! The running into the door was absolutely the cherry on top."

A third added: "Brilliant! I’m feeling fabulously festive now - thank you."

And a fourth chimed in: "This is genius!!"

Andrea explained they actually filmed the skit four years ago, but she likes to bring it back every Christmas for fans to enjoy.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/andreamclean1

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