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Child star from Two and a Half Men unrecognisable as he returns to acting to recreate iconic scene

Child star from Two and a Half Men unrecognisable as he returns to acting to recreate iconic scene

Angus T. Jones looks pretty different these days

Angus T. Jones - the child star from Two and a Half Men - looks pretty much unrecognisable from his younger days after a reunion with Charlie Sheen.

For some people you can see a picture of them as a kid and think they've barely changed at all, but for others the difference is night and day.

In his younger years Jones played Jake, the kid on the incredibly popular sitcom starring Sheen and Jon Cryer.

He quit the show after 10 years saying that staying on Two and a Half Men wasn't compatible with his religious beliefs.

Since then Jones has largely stayed out of the limelight and worked with faith-based organisations, though he did return for a cameo in the show's final episode in 2015.

Angus T. Jones, the kid from Two and a Half Men, is back.

However, he's recently shared a screen with Sheen again in a reference to one of the show's episodes.

Chuck Lorre has a new show out called Bookie, which featured a scene with Sheen and Jones.

Both actors are playing themselves in the show, and they appear together in a game of poker which is one big reference to Two and a Half Men.

In that show there was a poker game where Jake helps Charlie win at poker and pretty much everyone who was sitting round the table for the poker game makes a return in Bookie.

Jones looks very different now but fans will be glad to see him back on a screen with Sheen and looking like he's having a good time.

When it comes to child stars audiences remember them a certain way and getting a sight of them again years later can see a dramatic shift.

It's really just the ageing process but if you haven't seen them in a while the transformation can be quite startling.

Their reunion ended up being a reference to the poker scene from Two and a Half Men.

On top of that a lot of child stars don't stay in showbiz and instead peel off to do their own thing.

Fans of the show My Parents are Aliens might remember Alex Kew, who played Josh, but these days he's more musically inclined and can also rock a beard very well.

Meanwhile, Jake Goldberg who played Adam Sandler's son in Grown Ups revealed that he's not really done much acting since and hasn't stayed in contact with Sandler.

Landing a role in a big production can keep the money coming in for years, as Reece Thompson learned from being one of the children in Titanic, though it's not enough to pay the bills by itself and after a while you might stop bothering to cash the cheques.

For more of a festive feel, Daniel Tay played Michael (Buddy's younger brother) in Elf, but he ended up studying economics at Yale University instead of sticking with acting.

Featured Image Credit: CBS/HBO Max

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