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Behind the scenes footage shows how terrifying Saw X scene was actually shot

Behind the scenes footage shows how terrifying Saw X scene was actually shot

Even the most hardcore horror fans have been spooked by the latest chilling traps in Saw X.

Incredible behind the scenes footage showing how one of the terrifying scenes in Saw X was shot has stunned horror fans.

Cinemagoers who have been brave enough to watch the new release can confirm that Jigsaw's traps are more gruesome and graphic than ever.

The tenth instalment of the frightening franchise has proved a hit with gore fans who were happy to see protagonist John Kramer return to the screens.

But the tables were turned on the serial killer played by Tobin Bell in Saw X, as he found himself stuck in one of his own traps.

Without giving too much away, the legendary actor ended up being double crossed by one of his captives.

John and his unlikely pal - a young boy named Carlos - are chained to a sinister seesaw-like trap which waterboards them with blood.

Saw fans got a glimpse of how the stomach churning scene was filmed

One of them is subjected to a barrage of the red stuff unless they pull their respective lever to unleash it on the other.

Whoever can tilt the seesaw to their advantage is spared from the horror - which has been dubbed 'bloodboarding'.

Saw fans have now been able to get a glimpse into the behind the scenes magic that made the scene so realistic.

John and Carlos can be seen frantically wriggling to try and escape their shackles while strapped to a makeshift plank.

A hose hovering above Jigsaw's head then unleashes a ridiculous amount of 'blood' on his face as he struggles.

A crew member getting up close and personal to bag the perfect shot had to don a waterproof poncho to shield her from the spray.

But that's surely an occupational hazard when you're working on a Saw film.

Viewers were left stunned by the clip shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, by fan account @SawXUpdates.

One said: "Unbelievable, no choice but to stan."

Another wrote: "I'd love to know what the safety procedures were for this trap. Even the BTS looks really real."

A third added: "The BTS features on the DVD of this movie are going to be incredible."

John Kramer, played by Tobin Bell, was stained crimson after the bloodboarding

Producer Mark Burg, who has worked on every Saw film, explained that they wanted to 'push the envelope' with traps for the tenth edition.

He told Metro: "Anthony Stabley, our production designer on this movie, came up with a bunch of the traps, built them, executed them, and I think he did a brilliant job.

"We came up with the idea of taking waterboarding to the next level and calling it bloodboarding."

Their approach to making Saw X as stomach churning as possible seems to have been a success.

The latest film has trounced its predecessors on Rotten Tomatoes with a rating of 80 percent.

It is still riding high after its release on 29 September and has already raked in £46 million ($56 million) worldwide.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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