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Clarkson's Farm Kaleb Cooper admits he pays himself just 50p an hour

Clarkson's Farm Kaleb Cooper admits he pays himself just 50p an hour

Kaleb Cooper regularly clocks over 100 hours of work a week

Kaleb Cooper says he only pays himself about 50p an hour for his back breaking work on the farm.

The young farmer returned to our screens recently as the second season of Clarkson's Farm finally landed on Amazon Prime earlier this month:

Now, with a hit series behind him, you'd think Kaleb would be raking it in, but according to the man himself, that's not the case.

Speaking about life working together and the meteoric success of the documentary, Kaleb and Jeremy Clarkson

The pair recently spoke candidly about the farming industry. And despite his meteoric rise to fame, Kaleb revealed that he only pays himself 50p an hour.

Speaking on Ben and Georgie Ainslie's Performance People podcast, he said: “When I’m working for myself, when I’m feeding my calves in the morning - I bought eight calves, it’s like a little bit of a new business idea that I’m doing, buying calves in and then feed them on milk, which costs me about £200 a calf, then selling them at nine months.”

Jeremy Clarkson with fellow farmer and TV icon, Kaleb Cooper.

He added: “[I’m] trying to get a profit [and] see if it will work. I worked it out the other day, do you know how much my hourly rate is, how much I pay myself? 50p an hour.”

And while they enjoy a bit of banter between themselves, with Kaleb admitting recently that the former Top Gear presenter does his 'f**king head in' a lot of the time, there's clearly a lot of respect between the pair of them.

And no one understands how hard Kaleb works better than Clarkson.

"He's a wonderful, wonderful person," he said. "The hardest working person I know.

"He doesn't have a day off either. He does 18 hours a day, every day."

Clarkson and Kaleb enjoy a bit of banter, but there's a lot of respect too.
Amazon Prime

And that's no joke, Kaleb said he regularly clocks 117-hour weeks.

"That's an average week," he said. "My one goal in life is to buy myself a farm - that's what I want more than anything."

He added: "I'm a firm believer, if you wake up in the morning and go, 'Urghhh, got to work,' you're in the wrong job straightaway.

"I wake up and I go, 'Right, dreams don't work unless you do.' You know, that's one thing that's in my head all the time."

The second season of Clarkson's Farm is currently available to watch on Prime Video.

Featured Image Credit: Amazon Prime

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