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Netflix responds after You season four’s understanding of London leaves brits absolutely baffled

Netflix responds after You season four’s understanding of London leaves brits absolutely baffled

Let the banter commence...

Netflix has shared a hilarious response to You season four’s baffling London plot hole.

Fans of the hit psychological thriller have been busy binge-watching part one of the latest season since it dropped this week.

This time, Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) is trying to put his murderous ways behind him after moving across the pond to London.

Already he's managed to bag himself a new life, a new job, and a new set of intelligent and high-functioning mates in the UK capital.

However, in an almighty twist, this time he finds himself the victim of his own mysterious stalker who communicates with him through anonymous text messages.

Once again, viewers are pouring over the details, with some Londoners picking up on an unusual plot hole that is unique to the city.

Joe Goldberg is now a professor in London.

You see, in season four, Joe is working at a university known as Darcy College - but in real-life it was filmed at Royal Holloway.

And while Royal Holloway is a college of the University of London, it's actually located in Egham, a town in Surrey.

The people behind You weren’t going to let that stop them using it as a London location, though.

In one of the episodes, Joe walks from his workplace to his home in South Kensington - a walk that in reality would take around six hours.

So it's not exactly a casual stroll.

Although this is a fictional show and therefore the locations aren't exactly as they are in real life, the online community has been talking about it.

He currently lives in South Kensington, which is a long way away.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: "First episode of You and did Joe walk from Royal Holloway to Shoreditch High St Station to Kensington?

"As in he walked from EGHAM to Central London????"

Another said: "You season 4 stating Royal Holloway is ‘across town’ from South Kensington but he enjoys the walk home.

"Quite the commute there, Joe."

Netflix has since shared a hilarious response to the chat on its UK & Ireland Twitter page, which currently features the following bio: "Beware: Joe Goldberg has been spotted in London."

The streamer posted a screenshot of the walk on Google Maps, which, including a little pitstop in Shoreditch, would've taken ol' Joe a whopping nine hours and 36 minutes on foot.

Alongside the image, it shared the line that left Londoners in a frenzy: "Campus is across town from where I stay, but in a city like London, I don't mind the walk."

Even Netflix's UK Twitter account got in on the fun.

Netflix clearly knows how to poke fun at itself, with the banter continuing in the comments section.

"I need to know if Joe ever popped in to Thorpe Park on his walk home," wrote one, to which the streamer replied, "Oh, you can't get that guy off Nemesis Inferno."

"I hope he enjoyed the view of Heathrow as he watched the planes on his way home," said another, with Netflix saying that 'he loves to watch'.

Even Weetabix got in on the action, joking: "Wow, we hope Joe's had his Weetabix for a commute like that."

You never know, maybe Joe just needs the time to think about how he's going to fix the predicament he's in right now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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