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Brits left absolutely baffled at Netflix's understanding of London in You season four

Brits left absolutely baffled at Netflix's understanding of London in You season four

British fans of You have noticed some - let's say - artistic licence taken by Netflix when choosing locations for the new series

If you’ve been watching the latest season of You and are living in the UK, perhaps you’ve noticed something that a few people have picked up on – it’s a decent-sized plot-hole for anyone who lives in London, anyway.

Here’s the trailer for the latest season so you can get a feel for things.

In this latest season, after [SPOILER ALERT FOR SEASON THREE] murdering his wife and faking his own death, Penn Badgley’s character Joe Goldberg has pitched up in London, where he has managed to bag himself a new life, a new job, and a new set of intelligent and high-functioning mates to boot.

He’s still a murderer though, and that is definitely not something he’s ready to give up.

The big difference this time is that Joe has swapped the USA for the UK, this time settling down working at a university, which is known as Darcy College, but in real-life it was filmed at Royal Holloway.

Scenes were filmed at Royal Holloway university.

Now, Royal Holloway is a college of the University of London, but many will tell you – quite rightly – that it is absolutely nowhere near London at all.

It is, in fact, in Egham, which is a town in Surrey.

The people behind You weren’t going to let that stop them using it as a London location, though.

This is what people have picked up on.

Basically, the show has Joe walking from his work at the university, the fictional Darcy College, to his home in South Kensington.

That walk – in real-life – would take around six hours, so he probably wouldn’t attempt it.

However, this is all – if you’ll accept the completely intentional pun – completely academic, because it’s a fictional show and locations aren’t exactly as they are in real life.

Joe lives in South Kensington, which is a long way away.

The real ‘plot-hole’ here is that a man has managed to murder people, change his identity several times, and has still managed to get a job in a prestigious seat of learning without having failed any background checks as to whether he is a fit-and-proper person for the role.

That’s not what fans are interested in, though.

On Twitter, one wrote: “First episode of You and did Joe walk from Royal Holloway to Shoreditch High St Station to Kensington?

“As in he walked from EGHAM to Central London????”

Another said: “You season 4 stating Royal Holloway is ‘across town’ from South Kensington but he enjoys the walk home.

“Quite the commute there, Joe.”

Here's how long it would actually take.
Google Maps

A third wrote: “Ok I just started season 4 of You and they’re trying to make out that Royal Holloway is in London.”

Wait until these people find out that Gotham City isn’t a real place, or that Superman can’t really fly.

It’s called suspension of disbelief, folks.

After all, it’s just a daft wee Netflix show.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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