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Stranger Things play has premiered in London and it gives away big part of plot for Season 5

Stranger Things play has premiered in London and it gives away big part of plot for Season 5

The First Shadow looks back at Vecna's origin story

London's West End has turned into the Upside Down as new play Stranger Things: The First Shadow continues earning rave reactions from public and critics alike.

Following the success of Stranger Things — Netflix's beloved sci-fi series set in the 1980s — the stage adaptation goes back in time to shed light on some of the eeriest developments in season 4, teasing what lies ahead in the final instalment.

After debuting in November at the Phoenix Theatre, the show has been praised in first reviews, with The New York Times writing: "One is left simultaneously impressed and a little bewildered."

Stranger Things is getting an animated series as a spin-off, Netflix has confirmed.

Looking ahead at the fifth and final chapter of the series - for which a release date hasn't been confirmed yet - the spinoff stage is set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, that fans of the show got to know so well.

However, it does feature a new bunch of protagonists.

Fret not, as the show follows younger versions of some of the adults in the Duffer brothers' TV show, alongside some new characters.

Based on a story co-created by Matt and Ross Duffer, The First Shadow centres on a group of young friends who witness supernatural events in 1959 Hawkins. In the play, teen versions of Joyce Maldonado, Jim Hopper and Bob Newby (RIP) investigate after some pets are found dead under seemingly inexplicable circumstances.

The prequel also serves as an extended origin story for Henry Creele, the young boy who would go on to become Vecna, the big baddie of the series introduced in season 4 and guaranteed to return for an epic showdown in the new episodes.

Stranger Things fans have been left gobsmacked by Jamie Campbell Bower's Vecna voice.

The lucky audience members of the play will be given more insights into Henry's tragic past that will lead to his transformation into the ruler of the Upside Down.

As for how this could play out for season 5, writer Kate Trefry said: "There are referential sequences and imagery and callbacks and flashbacks to the events of the play in Stranger Things season 5 that will still make sense to you if you don’t see the play, but you’ll have a deeper understanding of them if you do.

"It’s in conversation with the seasons prior and the season to come. It really informs everything that you have seen and will see."

While it isn't clear in which capacity season 5 will reference the play, The First Shadow provides a deeper understanding of Henry's motives and is a nice addition to the Stranger Things universe.

At the moment, the play hasn't been confirmed to be distributed as a filmed version, nor are there current plans to have the cast take to the boards outside of the UK. Nonetheless, fans of the show can rest easy as season 5 can be enjoyed and still fully understood without a trip to the West End.

Stranger Things: The Last Shadow runs through August 25, 2024.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / @stonstage / Netflix