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People stunned after watching how Peep Show kissing scenes were filmed

People stunned after watching how Peep Show kissing scenes were filmed

That poor camera man...

Peep Show fans are losing it after learning how cast and crew filmed kissing scenes on the hit Channel 4 comedy.

The David Mitchell and Robert Webb sitcom is famous for its point of view shots that often put the viewer right up in a character's face.

It's a genius technique that makes Peep Show totally unique from anything else on TV - but it can make certain shots a little tricky.

It's nice that he tries to involve the cameraman.
Channel 4

For example, on the rare occasion that Mark or Jeremy are lucky enough to land a kiss, the crew had to get creative.

A recently resurfaced behind-the-scenes look at how kissing scenes were filmed for the Channel 4 show revealed that David Mitchell essentially had to make out with the camera - and fans are slightly losing their minds.

In the scene, David's character Mark is talking to Dobby about how the world is their oyster and how 'young and free' they are, before going in for a kiss.

Only, he isn't really talking to Dobby, he's talking to a camera.

In fact, Isy Suttie who plays Dobby is sitting on the other side of the room reading from her script.

So, when Mark goes in for that kiss, he plants his mouth on an extension of the film camera, just centimetres beneath the lens.

It makes sense that they'd have to film kissing scenes this way, but watching David Mitchell smooch a camera feels so wrong.

Usually this is all we see while David Mitchell is macking on the camera.
Channel 4

After catching the behind-the-scenes shot and learning how the sausage gets made, fans were shocked to say the least.

"So awkward," one viewer wrote.

"Ruined the magic for me, that has," complained a second.

Others were actually impressed, and went away with a newfound appreciation for David Mitchell's acting skills.

After all, if you can convincingly snog a camera, what can't you do.

"That's brilliant tbf, great acting," raved one fan.

"That's some Oscar level acting there," joked another.

The rare behind-the-scenes looks at Peep Show made fans appreciate just how difficult it is to film POV-style. Even the cast and crew have said themselves how much of a nuisance it was.

Speaking to Guardian Live at a preview screening for the show's final season, David Mitchell admitted: "Filming things POV is a stupid way to film things.

"It's much harder to do than a normal way of filming. It could not be clearer to me after all these years why no other programme has filmed it this way."

Good luck trying to get David to kiss a camera again!

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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