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Dwayne Johnson accused of lying about new 8,000 calorie daily diet

Dwayne Johnson accused of lying about new 8,000 calorie daily diet

The Rock is known for having a colossal appetite, but one bodybuilder doesn't believe him

Dwayne Johnson is one of the biggest, both physically and metaphorically, stars in the world.

Since those early days as 'The People's Champ' in the WWE, The Rock's gone on to become one of Hollywood's action heroes.

And even at 50, he's constantly pushing his body to the limits, somehow managing to get even more ripped with every year that passes.

Now, if you follow Johnson's social media accounts, you will know that he loves food, like, a lot of food, regularly face-planting into some cookies, brownies, ice cream, waffles, pancakes, you name it.

Dwayne Johnson regularly posts snaps of his cheat meal.
Dwayne Johnson/Instagram

Some days, it's said that he eats as much as 8,000 calories a day.

However, a fellow bodybuilder has cast doubt on those claims.

Yep, Greg Doucette, who is clearly not looking for some publicity or to sell any of his workout products, posted a video, in which he claimed that the Rock could not possibly eat the amount of calories he says he does, because if he did, he would be very, very fat.

Greg says: "l ride bikes, I do a ton of cardio. I can tell you there is no way The Rock burns enough calories to average 8,000-6,000 calories a day and look like this.

"If he actually ate those kinds of calories, 6 to 8 thousand calories a day, he would be a hundred pounds overweight.

"Every day I personally eat more than I see Rock eat. Yet I eat an average of 3500 cal a day. I usually eat 3 to 4 thousand cal a day.

"How can The Rock eat twice what I eat? Is he twice my size? Does he work out twice as much as Coach Greg, is he racing bikes as far as I am, is he even doing a s*** ton of cardio? I don’t think so, so how do you think that The Rock is staying in the shape that he is if he’s eating that many calories? News flash, report Greg right here, reporting the news, The Rock’s lying."

I mean, he has a point, if Greg can't eat 8,000 calories a day, how can The Rock?

Speaking recently about how he got in shape for superhero flick Black Adam, Johnson said he was eating six meals a day.

He had a 'team of chefs and a strength and condition coach that figure out the precise macro count necessary to maintain his superhero physique'.

The Rock is known for having a huge appetite.
Dwayne Johnson/Instagram

It's said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and The Rock kicks things off with 'eggs, a meat like bison, a complex carb like oatmeal, and fruit, usually either papaya or blueberries'.

That would honestly do me for most of the day, but not Dwayne Johnson. No, he's just getting started.

There will most certainly be a morning workout and then he'll have his second meal at around 10am, according to Men's Health.

This will usually consist of 'complex carbs like rice, chicken breast, and greens'.

Then, it's pretty much the same kind of meal all the way until his last one of the day.

LADbible has gone to Dwayne Johnson's representatives for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Greg Doucette Instagram/The Rock

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