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What is the hilarious 'Come Here' TikTok challenge?

What is the hilarious 'Come Here' TikTok challenge?

The new 'Come Here' TikTok trend has taken the app by storm with users joking about other people's weaknesses.

A new challenge has taken over For You pages with users poking fun at the weakness points of others.

The TikTok trend is known for the audio it uses. The sounds is from a video made by Youtuber Don's Life where they saying "come here, come here" and then pretend to hit someone. "B***h - get out," they add.

TikTokers have taken the sounds and used their own creativity to run a mile with the sound which has now been used in more than 107.7k videos.

The general format of the trend points out a specific person or group of people - like those who are lactose intolerant - and says they are trying to fight or "talk s**t".

Then it switches to the TikTok creator showing the person's weakness and joking about the ridiculousness of it.

One clip by artist Mr Bruno (@mr.brun0) says: "When a mf with claustrophobia starts talking sh*t." He then opens his laptop to show a photo of Santa Claus, garnering him over 1.9M likes.

Fans commented: "damn I got claustrophobic watching this". Another said: "this is why we follow you."

Other spins on the joke include Denis Okri's take where he targets those with allergies. He says: "When someone who has hayfever starts chatting shi-" and then pulls out a handful of grass. His caption reads: "Imagine being allergic to leaves."

His viewers were a bit taken aback. "I feel attacked," one commented. Another said: "this was too personal."

Other clips include people confronting someone with lactose intolerance by showing them cheese or milk, or showing someone who is self conscious a mirror. There are dozens of other examples with people making fun of those with trypophobia, the fear of small holes, by tripping over something and even showing someone who has arachnophobia a photo of Tom Holland.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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