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Woman's five strict rules for boyfriend leaves people divided

Woman's five strict rules for boyfriend leaves people divided

Viewers are split on her 'rules' that her partner has to follow

Relationships are a complex thing, and many have expectations of the other person or set boundaries when they get into one.

However, one woman has gone viral for the 'rules' that she has set for her boyfriend to follow.

Known on TikTok as @taylordonoghuee, she has over 342k followers, with this particular video accumulating over 786k views at the time of writing.

Taylor has made a social media clip compiling the five key things that her boyfriend absolutely cannot do, captioning it: "Hot take but just my opinion".

Best friends

The first thing that he can't do, according to her, is have a girl best friend.

She says it's 'super obvious', explaining: “Because I don’t believe in them. I think those get messy.”

Taylor clarifies that it's okay to have acquaintances and friends, but a girl best friend is absolutely off the table.


Next up, she highlighted that it is key that her and her partner have their locations switched on for each other, mostly for 'safety'.

The 23-year-old clarified: “Am I stalking every hour? No, but I feel like it’s just one of those things that when you care about someone, you’ll tell them their whereabouts.”

Taylor also calls it a red flag if your partner doesn't want you to know where they are.

She has five rules that he must follow.

Strip clubs

Third of all, she says that her boyfriend is not allowed to go to the strip club, even though some couples 'go together', according to the content creator.

She states: "You can go to bars. You can have a guys’ day, but strip clubs? Absolutely not."

Paying your way

Taylor then said that she wouldn't let her boyfriend pay all the bills, saying it is 'wrong' for men to pay for '100 percent of everything'.

She clarifies that she's talking about dating and not marriage though, explaining: “Especially early on, the guy should take on majority of the bills but I’d be lying if I said, like, I didn’t pay for a dime.”

Instagram pictures

Finally, she says that her partner cannot like bikini pictures of other girls on Instagram, labelling it 'a huge red flag for obvious reasons'.

She says there's a lot more awareness around the problem, but concluded: “It always makes me sad when I see someone that’s married with kids or just in a relationship and they’re liking girls’ photos, especially provocative ones.”

Her boyfriend got his own back, outlining his own rules for her.

Viewers in the comments were divided on her 'rules', with one user commenting: "But when guys say this we are insecure."

However, one user commented: "HEAVY on the strip club one!!!!"

A third said: "ok so true i don't understand how people's boyfriends are paying for everything like where is that money coming from !??"

Her boyfriend has since made a video of his rules for her, which include not flirting with guys at the bar, not liking other guys' Instagram pictures, making sure she texts him while she's out and not getting lip filler.

Guess it goes both ways.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@taylordonoghuee

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