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Brits furious after finding out McDonald's has a 'secret night menu' which they can't access

Brits furious after finding out McDonald's has a 'secret night menu' which they can't access

There's a 'secret' night menu at McDonald's that UK residents can't access

McDonald's is the most popular fast-food chain in the world and it has recently been uncovered that the restaurant has a 'secret' night menu - although it's only in one country.

Yes that's right, and the menu features some items that you may be craving that just aren't available after a certain time.

We've all been there, whether it be craving the easy meals while sat at home or after a night out, late night McDonald's always seems to hit the spot.

TikToker Ieuan Jones from Wales has gone through the former, getting himself a Maccies at 9pm while on holiday in Melbourne, Australia.

The clip of him revealing his late night order has since gone viral on social media, having accumulating over 350,000 views at the time of writing.

Ieuan began the clip by jokingly teasing his followers, saying that he wanted them to meet someone who he had met on his holiday.

Blushing, he then grabbed the iconic brown McDonald's bag and shouted: "We've got McDonald's! How many of you did I just trick?"

McDonald's has a 'secret' night menu that UK residents can't get their hands on.
Costfoto/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Ieuan went through his order which consisted of a Big Mac, fries, a chicken snack wrap, a Coke Zero, two bottles of water, aioli sauce, barbecue sauce and the big one: A hash brown.

At 9pm!

When presenting the breakfast delicacy, Ieuan said that 'the UK need to up their f***ing game' because he managed to get his hands on a hash brown at night time.

He couldn't get over the expansive menu, reviewing each item, saying that Australian fries 'are so much better', while he revealed that aioli sauce was a 'game changer'.

He also stated: "Big Macs out here are banging," compared to the UK's take on the legendary burger.

However, Ieuan did add that the fries were cold and called the Snap Wrap 'pointless' as it was so small.

It also turns out that McDonald's Australia has an all-day menu, which includes hash browns and chicken nuggets.

You heard that right, you could have chicken nuggets for breakfast and hash browns for dinner, just as it was intended.

Fries, the Big Mac, a Cheeseburger and a Double Cheeseburger make up the rest of the menu.

In addition to fries, you can get hash browns in your late night Maccies order.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Australia used to do breakfast 24/7 up until 2021 though - a far cry from the UK's staple of ending breakfast by 11.

Our mates down under can still order McDonald's breakfast until 12 though, still having the one-up on us.

Users below Ieuan's video voiced their shock at the secret menu.

One user commented: "Noooo way, can’t believe maccies aus do hash browns all day, I love them."

Another said: "Imagine a hash brown share box," with a heart eyes emoji.

A third put: "The Big Mac bun looks good. Wish uk did steamed buns!"

LADbible have contacted McDonald's UK for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Costfoto/NurPhoto/Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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