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Paul Walker's Character 'To Return' In Fast & Furious 9

Paul Walker's Character 'To Return' In Fast & Furious 9

He passed away tragically in a car accident in 2013

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

Paul Walker's character will return for the ninth Fast & Furious film, according to reports. The actor died in a car crash back in 2013.

With production confirmed to be completed, there have been various hints that his character Brian O'Connor will make an appearance in the much anticipated movie.

The news of the actor's death shocked the world when he lost his life in a car crash. Fans and crew of the Fast & Furious franchise had no idea what was to happen when the tragedy took place before he'd finished filming the seventh installment of the series - Furious 7.

Thanks to the use of CGI - as well as the help of his brothers Cody and Caleb Walker - the team managed to finish production of the movie.

Furious 7 director James Wan had to make some difficult decisions about the best way to go forward, and in co-operation with Paul's cast-mates and family, decided that the best way to honor his passing was to continue on with the films that he'd dedicated so much of his life and career to.

Paul Walker's character is set to return to the Fast & Furious franchise.

In the seventh film, Walker's on-screen character Brian O'Conner got the send-off he deserved and drove off into the sunset to be with his family, retiring from the Fast & Furious team.

It looks like Vin Diesel's character Dom will revisit an event in his life that was first mentioned in the original film, which was released way back in 2001 when the franchise started out.

O'Connor's name popped up in 2017's The Fate of the Furious as someone that could be contacted about Dom's betrayal, but the team at the time decided to honour his retirement.

However - sources close to the film's casting department have revealed that they're currently on the lookout for a Paul Walker double.

Vin Diesel posted on Instagram last week, where he appeared with Michelle Rodriguez on set at a race track last week - and although it's not confirmed, various news outlets who know all about the films have commented that it looks a lot like Irwindale Speedway.

In the video on Instagram, Vin says: "You die-hards will know where we are. You day ones will know where we are."


This makes it look like the ninth film will revisit elements of the first film, where Dom spoke to Walker's character O'Connor about a memory from his childhood, where he talks about how his dad crashed his car on the track.

Although it's not officially confirmed, all signs point to a return of O'Connor. Fast and Furious 9 is set for release on 22 May 2020, with a trailer expected to clear things up a bit any time now.

LADbible has contacted Universal for comment.

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