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Confused Netflix viewers all have the same question after finishing Fool Me Once

Confused Netflix viewers all have the same question after finishing Fool Me Once

We need answers

Warning: contains spoilers for Fool Me Once

Ever since Fool Me Once dropped on Netflix, viewers have been flocking to the streaming site to binge the show.

While heaps of telly fans have been obsessing over the gripping plot, explosive twists and brilliant cast (including the likes of Michelle Keegan and Joanna Lumley) some viewers have been taking to social media to vent.

It seems many Fool Me Once viewers are frustrated over one element of the series which appears to have been left unanswered.

Now, if you've watched the show you'll know that the twist at the end of the series was pretty wild.

For many, Keegan's character Maya Stern was the last person we expected to have killed husband Joe (The Hobbit's Richard Armitage).

In fact, many were convinced that the actual culprit was Shane (Emmet J. Scanlan) - Maya's friend and fellow military officer.

After all, his behaviour was pretty suspicious. Tracking Maya's car and standing outside her house has all the markings of someone who's up to no good.

But when the show wrapped up after eight episodes, it was revealed that Maya was behind Joe's death, after discovering he had murdered her sister (and that he was prepared to murder her, too).

Viewers were concerned over Shane.

So, er, why exactly was Shane tracking Maya's car then?

Well, it's a question that's erupting all over social media, with many frustrated that Shane's character wasn't fully explained.

One wrote on Reddit: "What was Shane’s character for? I get that he was her friend from the military but was it him that was stalking her at her house and tracking her car etc?

"Was he obsessed with her? In love with her? He was under developed and I was convinced he was dodgy as soon as he came on the screen but he turned out to be a nice guy and a loyal friend to Maya."

Another said: "Just a bit confused with Shane?"

And a third added: "Just finished Fool Me Once on @netflix, very very good series, just a few questions; what was the deal with Shane? Why was he watching Maya? Why did he put a tracker on her car? Why did he let himself in in the middle of the night?"

"Really enjoyed it, but I still don't know why Shane was acting so suspiciously?? Did I miss some of it?" asked a fourth.

While it's not definitively clear what Shane was up to, there are a few theories.

It was actually Maya who killed Joe.

Some have suggested that Shane could have actually been involved in the Burkett family's 'cover up'.

"I love Emmet Scanlon always plays the shift fella... I did think he had something to do with the family cover up [sic]," they wrote.

Others were adamant that Shane's character was simply a red herring to throw us all off the scent.

However, the most popular theory is that Shane was a loyal (albeit overprotective) friend to Maya and was concerned about her wellbeing following Joe's death.

People had different theories on Shane.

"There was no malice intended with Shane watching Maya. She was his captain, so there was a lot of trust and respect between them," one wrote on Reddit.

"He knew with both her sister and husband dying within weeks of each other plus the clear PTSD with killing civilians, losing her army job, no one would make sensible decisions. He was following her for her own protection."

Although, let's be clear, this clearly doesn't warrant his concerning behaviour.

You can watch all episodes of Fool Me Once on Netflix now.

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