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The Traitors star Mollie speaks out on ‘brutal’ betrayal after viewers all made same complaint

The Traitors star Mollie speaks out on ‘brutal’ betrayal after viewers all made same complaint

The finalist got the rug pulled from underneath her by one of her closest allies in the castle.

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for The Traitors

There's nothing like a good old double-crossing to wrap up the end of one of the most tense series on TV.

Millions of Brits have been besotted with the latest series of The Traitors - for good reason, as it's been brimming with betrayals, back-stabbing, banishments and breathtaking moments that none of us saw coming.

Last night's final really took the biscuit though, as one particular part of the episode left fans reeling.

People reckon the moment Mollie realised she had been stitched up by one of her closest allies in the Scottish castle will go down as one of the 'most brutal moments in TV history'.

Take a look at Claudia Winkleman's reaction to the shock twist here:

In The Traitors final, which aired on Friday (26 January), the heat was really turned up for the contestants who had to make a few more dramatic decisions on who to get rid of.

Faithfuls Evie, Mollie and Jas made it to the finals - but so did the treacherous Traitors Andrew and Harry, who had so far managed to go undetected.

Thankfully, at least one of the 'murderers' who had been bumping off his fellow competitors each night got banished, but one of the good ones got caught in the crossfire too.

There was a group vote and ultimately, Andrew and Evie ended up being banished.

And then there were three... prompting Jas to raise his suspicions about Harry, who has become quite a close pal of Mollie's throughout the show.

As any good friend would, she believed that he wouldn't have her over and was telling the truth when he insisted he was a Faithful - so she put her neck on the line and teamed up with him to banish Jas instead.

Mollie was completely blindsided by the shock revelation.

For a fleeting moment, the 21-year-old thought her and her TV bestie had made it to the end together. That was until the rug was pulled from underneath her and it was revealed that Harry was actually a Traitor.

In the nail-biting scene, Harry ended up walking away with the £95,000 prize money - leaving his pal high and dry.

Viewers can't believe she was fooled and that she let her judgement be clouded by friendship, as the final episode sent social media users into a frenzy - with many complaining about the same thing.

One said: "Why would Jas make the fire red if he was a Traitor. THINK Mollie!" while another fumed: "Mollie not having any suspicions against Harry even though he’s traitoring in front of her."

A third added: "Just caught up with #TheTraitors, Mollie I feel for you but Harry played you like a fiddle."

And a fourth wrote: "Mollie was a lovely girl, can’t at all get though why she wouldn’t have got rid of Harry? Jas wouldn’t have ended the game if he was a Traitor, he’d have taken then prize if he’d gone end game."

Mollie was kicking herself just as much when Harry revealed his dirty little secret and tearfully ran out of the room while shouting 'f**k' repeatedly on the way. Wouldn't we all?

She then revealed that she had changed her vote in the final banishment at the eleventh hour because of Harry's incredible acting skills.

She fled the room in floods of tears after finding out Harry was a traitor.

An emotional Mollie said: "I wrote Harry's name down first, and I changed it… He played an excellent game, so fair play to him."

Harry felt pretty guilty about the whole thing though after her intense reaction, as he said: "Mollie is the reason I'm here. I need to gain her trust back. I don't know if that's possible but I've got to try."

During an interview on The Traitors: Uncloaked, Claudia Winkleman then weighed in on the drama.

She said Harry and Mollie were 'like brother and sister in there' and had 'become really close'.

The host continued: "They were together all the time and she wrote his name down and then looked at him, but couldn't do it. So Mollie is all of us, who goes, 'You know what, I know this is a game, but I'm just not doing it to you'.

"Mollie makes us all slightly wobbly because we love you - not because of what happened, but there was a reason you were there to the end."

Mollie has insisted that she and Harry are 'fine'.

Mollie then quipped: "Because I trusted a Traitor, thats why!"

Claudia responded: "That's point one! But point two is because the way you tackled missions, the way you are as a human, you are loved. You were loved by the cast. So everyone was like well yeah we're sticking with Mollie."

Mollie admitted that it was 'tough' to watch the footage back and relive the moment, but said she and Harry 'were fine'.

The finalist added: "I think, deep down, I probably knew [Harry was a traitor], but that slight doubt, I just couldn't do it. It's a tough one, but it is what it is. I still think he's a Faithful, to be honest… Going from thinking you've won with your best mate to [losing], it was rough."

Rough indeed.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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