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Player who whipped out UNO reverse card after getting yellow card speaks out

Player who whipped out UNO reverse card after getting yellow card speaks out

Max Fosh put himself forward as a contender for meme of the year after pulling out an Uno reverse card during the Sidemen's charity match

The lad who put himself up as a contender for meme of the year has finally spoken out about his Uno stunt.

Max Fosh took to the field for the Sidemen's charity match over the weekend and turned the tables on the ref when he received a booking.

The YouTuber was one of a number of viral stars who took part in the game at West Ham's London Stadium on Saturday (9 September).

KSI, Miniminter, Behzinga, etc. were joined by some of the biggest names out there, including MrBeast, who went up against a YouTube All-Stars team, with the likes of JiDion, IShowSpeed, and Kai Cenat in their lineup.

However, despite a thrilling 8-5 goal-fest, with Sidemen FC running out comfortable winners, it was Fosh who stole the show.

Max Fosh pulled out an Uno reverse card during the charity match.
YouTube/Sidemen FC

In the 77th minute, the red mist descended upon the 28-year-old as he scythed down Miniminter, ploughing straight through him.

Unsurprisingly, referee Mark Clattenburg immediately went over the Fosh and brandished a yellow card.

But what happened next took everyone by surprise, especially the ex-Premier league ref.

Rather than taking the booking on the chin and preparing himself for a fine, he whipped out a card of his own, an UNO reverse card.

The image of him holding up the card quickly went viral, with fans all over the world loving the absolute savagery.

And according to the man himself, a fair bit of planning went into it.

In a video posted to his TikTok channel, Fosh explained that he was waiting for his moment, and when it came, he didn't miss.

"Here's the story of how I managed to play an Uno reverse card at the Sidemen charity game," he says in the clip.

"When I was asked to play match, I knew I needed to add a little bit of a Max Fosh spin on the game, so after a lot of brainstorming, I came up with the Uno reverse card and bought a couple of normal-sized ones and some big ones.

"The day of the match arrived and I had them in my backpack before sneakily putting them in my shorts and you need to get a yellow card and so I was sliding all over the shop during the game - I even accidentally scored.

"The Uno reverse was always sitting there waiting for its moment.

"Then, eventually, in the 77th minute, I took down Miniminter and a meme was born."

So there you have it. Genius.

Featured Image Credit: Sidemen FC/YouTube

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