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Has Donald Trump Just Tweeted The Nuclear Codes?

Has Donald Trump Just Tweeted The Nuclear Codes?

Covfefe, anyone?

Michael Minay

Michael Minay

I once had a friend who applied for MI5, and they asked me to provide a reference. As part of this process, I was posed questions about my friend's ability to deal with being drunk and how trustworthy they were when under the influence...

Basically, if they were to get hammered, would they reveal the secrets of the nation to the world?

Twitter users began to ask similar questions last night, following a mysterious tweet from the President.

Tweeted at around 05:00 BST (midnight in Washington), Trump wrote: "Despite the constant negative press covfefe".

Credit: Twitter

What the hell is 'covfefe'? The tweet was deleted at around 10.45 BST, but by then it had been retweeted over 124,000 times, liked 157,000 times and had 40,000 replies - by far the most popular tweet of the American President's Twitter history.

After removing the tweet, he then said:

Was it done on purpose? By accident? It doesn't make sense. The preceding tweets were retweets, so it doesn't even follow on from anything either.

The President may be prone to the odd cryptic tweet every now and then, but this one trumps (pun intended) anything it has superseded.

As you'd expect, Twitter is in overdrive as to just what 'covfefe' means/is/does.

First of all, let's get the pronunciation straight...

And now let's look into the theories...

Trump, whose first 100 days in the White House were dogged by controversy surrounding alleged collusion with Russia during his election campaign, is set to have another eventful day today, as he tries to explain this one.

(Although it's almost certainly just a typo.)

Featured Image Credit: PA

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