Expert Explains How He's Able To Defuse A Bomb In The Nick Of Time

Expert Explains How He's Able To Defuse A Bomb In The Nick Of Time

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Weatherman Drops The C Bomb, Not Once, But Twice During Live Broadcast

Weatherman Drops The C Bomb, Not Once, But Twice During Live Broadcast

We've all been there, that dreaded shift in work when you stayed out too late the night before, and probably drank a little bit too much.

For most of us, we can sort of get our heads down, get on with things and get out. For a TV weatherman, it's quite a different story. You've got a camera in your face for one thing, so any mistake is recorded - and broadcast live for all to see.

Matty McLean knows that feeling. He's a weather reporter for TVNZ, in New Zealand.


He was presenting the weather forecast in the early hours of Friday morning. So far, so good, right?

Well, our friend Matty, had a late one and he stumbled over his words, specifically the word 'country', and, well...I'm sure you can imagine how that ends.

He cheerfully says: "Let's check out what's happening around your c*nt - the weather with your c*nt - the weather with your country? The country with your weather." Wow. Just wow. Well done, Matty.


He then gives the best excuse ever, when he decides to blame the slip up on British singer Adele. Matty had spent the evening at an Adele concert in Auckland.

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Apologising, Matty says: "Sorry, it was a long night, I was home late and it's Friday as well."


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Before it all went wrong, a very cheerful Matty opened his broadcast saying: "Hello, it's me, but it's a different me because I'm a changed man after last night. Adele was incredible."

Quite the fuck up, but ever wondered why we stumble over our words?


According to Jonathan Preston an assistant professor of communication sciences and disorders at Syracuse University, it's almost like we have a 'temporary system error' in our control centre. While you're speaking, your brain isn't just telling you what to say, it's also doing a bunch of other stuff, like, co-ordinating your movements to go with the speech and planning what's coming next.

Preston told Men's Health: "Sometimes your brain moves faster than your mouth. When you try to speed up your speech in order to keep pace, you end up tripping over your words." Add nerves into the mix and it can be even worse.

Add a hangover into that (naming no names, Matty) and you're bound to stumble.

But, don't worry about it, mate. Adele would definitely approve of you dropping the c-bomb.

Featured Image Credit: TVNZ

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