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​Man Pays Tax Bill In The States With Five Wheelbarrows Full Of Coins

​Man Pays Tax Bill In The States With Five Wheelbarrows Full Of Coins

That's paying in style.



A businessman in the US was so frustrated with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) that he paid his $3,000 (£2,457) tax bill using five wheelbarrows full of 300,000 coins.

It took staff seven hours to count the coins and they had to work overtime.

Nick Stafford had asked the DMV to be more helpful with enquiries. He had asked for a contact to discuss how to register three vehicles and pay sales tax in different states. The DMV wouldn't give him a number or help him with his enquiry so he filed a Freedom of Information request!

When he got the number - he was told it wasn't to be used for public inquiries. He asked the DMV AGAIN and ended up taking them to court - just to find out a simple thing from them.

A judge dismissed the three lawsuits he filed but he did get the numbers eventually. However, he was still pissed at how unhelpful they were, so he decided to pay his tax in coins. According to a law made in 1965, all coins are legal tender for taxes.


Credit: David Crigger

It got me thinking - what else could you pay with a wheelbarrow full of coins? (Also, doesn't that sound like a great song?)

Student Loans

Every year university fees go up and up and students are stuck in thousands of pounds in debt while they struggle to find a job. Why not shake your fist at the man by inconveniencing him - pay back your loans by wheelbarrow!

Parking Fines

No one likes a traffic warden. They stalk the street looking for any excuse to fine you - and you've already paid to park on the street anyway! If they love money so much, they can have some. In a wheelbarrow.


You have to pay this one every month so you could reuse the wheelbarrow. Wheelbarrows don't come cheap, and recycling is always a good thing. And it's nice to do things face-to-face and really get to know your landlord.

Restaurant Bills

You could walk into the restaurant with your wheelbarrow, enjoy your meal and then empty the 'barrow on the floor as you leave, tipping all the coins out. It may be a bit awkward wheeling it in, but at least the waiters definitely know you're going to pay for your meal.

The Pub

This is a great idea - you get a tab at the bar, treat you and your friends to a few rounds and then when you're done, empty the pennies onto the floor. This frees up the wheelbarrow - it can double up as your rideo home. You can hop in it and someone will drop you off at your house. Brilliant!

Words by Laura Hamilton

Featured Image Credit: David Crigger

Topics: Money