Woman Moves Into Tent After Losing Job At McDonald's During Lockdown
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People Reckon This Picture Of Bill Clinton With Another Woman Is Real

People Reckon This Picture Of Bill Clinton With Another Woman Is Real

No matter what, we all like to believe that the way Bill Clinton is depicted in Family Guy is a mirror of real life.

The former president rivals Larry Lamb back in the '70s, in my mind at least. That's why it's okay to genuinely think it's real when a 'picture' of Mr C being pampered by a woman who isn't Hillary goes viral.

Of course, the picture currently spreading like wildfire across the internet, which shows him in his birthday suit getting a sensual rub down, is fake. If you believe anything else, have a word.


The photo was reportedly created to be a part of an art exhibit by Alison Jackson, who makes realistic-looking scenes with celebrities.

Obviously the 70-year-old getting a massage from the mystery woman isn't so far out of the norm. If Family Guy has taught us anything it's that old Bill can pop up in any situation.

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Alison's project, titled 'No one was asked for permission', also includes Prince Harry rocking with his cock out, and his mother, Diana, lovingly flipping the bird. It also includes the Queen, Camilla, Bin Laden, William and Kate all naked.


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This has been some week for Hillary. She loses to Donald Trump and then a fake picture of her husband doing the dirty goes viral.

Alison's book Private is currently available to buy, showing us very, very different sides to celebrity's lives.

Featured image credit: Alison Jackson

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