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A Swedish Train Station Flooded And People Turned It Into A Swimming Pool

A Swedish Train Station Flooded And People Turned It Into A Swimming Pool

People waded through the flooded train station in Uppsala, Sweden, others got their rubber rings and flippers out

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

A train station in Uppsala, Sweden, flooded after a heavy storm over the weekend meaning that people had to wade through the underground subway to get home and dry.

But some had other ideas and left the house armed with their inflatables, snorkelling masks and flippers. These are our kind of people.

According to Business Insider, some residents turned the train station platforms into a huge swimming pool with several people posting pictures of locals relaxing on rubber dinghies.

Well, what a way to make the most out of a flood situation, ey? Inconvenience, what inconvenience?

Some clutched umbrellas and tried to angrily make their way home through the knee deep water while one sat on a rubber inflatable armed with a water gun.


Sarah Thorén, a photographer, told The Local: "I wouldn't say it was the freshest water I've ever bathed in, so I had to have a real scrub in the shower afterwards." Nice.

And we don't mean to be the bearer of bad news, but before you pack your inflatable dolphin, jazzy swimming shorts and goggles, think again because the city pumped out all of the remaining water last night and the station has returned to normal. What a bunch of killjoys.

According to The Local, there was some initial confusion over who was responsible for dealing with the water (the local municipality, the train station, or the Swedish Transport Administration), it was finally pumped out by Uppsala municipality.

Taking to social media someone said: "Oh noooooooo not in the garbage water! Come onnnnn. In the spirit of the idea though, those folks are the heroes of today. Just having a good splashy time."

Another added: "Absolute legends".

And a third analysed the situation saying: "Oh come on...who carries snorkeling gear & rafts to a train station.

"I guess they don't mind if anyone gets electrocuted since the electricity is still on."

Some very good points made there, but at least they were having fun, right?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/svenskadagbladet

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