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Dad Kicked Out Of Delivery Room By Nurse For Making Rude Jokes

Dad Kicked Out Of Delivery Room By Nurse For Making Rude Jokes

The nurse was having none of it

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A man posting on Reddit has revealed the story of how he was kicked out of the delivery room as his wife was giving birth for making rude jokes and comments.

I mean, there's a time and a place for everything, and maybe that place isn't the hospital - which is actually quite a serious place - and that time isn't while your partner is trying to squeeze a small human being out of her you-know-where.

In this instance it doesn't seem to have been the poor mother that was taking issue with his remarks, but the nurses and staff of the hospital who were assisting with the birth.

The unnamed 25-year-old man took to the internet to find out whether he was actually doing anything wrong, or whether the 'joyless hag of a nurse' - perhaps not the nicest way of putting that - was the person at fault.


I'll let him (try to) explain. He wrote: "My wife gave birth to our first child three days ago and in the delivery room I made a few lighthearted comments which my wife laughed at, but the joyless hag of a nurse lost her shit and kicked me out of the room.

"I calmly tried to placate the demented old boiler by explaining she has no right to be offended on other people's behalf, but that just made her worse.

"Eventually I left before my ears started bleeding, but I feel the nurse was in the wrong for giving me shit in response to a joke between my wife and I."

Hmm...we'll see about that.

The first comment that set the nurse off was - he claims - when he was asked by his wife how things looked... down there.

The man replied: "I feel like I'm watching my favourite restaurant burning down."


Sure, it's a bit off-colour, but still pretty funny, you'd have to admit.

The nurse didn't see it that way, mind.

Next up, the doctor had to stitch his wife up after the birth and he responded: "Would you mind putting in a few extra?"

OK, that's not exactly cool. Well, that was the dim view that the nurse took, too. She booted him from the room.

To be clear, he does also say that his wife was laughing and didn't mind the jokes. Perhaps this tells us what gas and air can do to a woman in dire straits.


One observer commented: "You are the asshole, not just for the sexist jokes, also for using such misogynistic language to describe the nurse. I really hope you don't teach your child to talk this way about people."

Another person said: "His whole argument is resting on 'my wife doesn't see a problem with it', but like... ok cool, there's three other professionals who have your wife and baby's lives in their hands. He's being a huge idiot by engaging in behaviour he can see is triggering the people responsible for delivering his child."

Yeah, read the room, mate.

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