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Poundland Encouraging Valentine's Break-Ups With This Shitty £7 Meal

Poundland Encouraging Valentine's Break-Ups With This Shitty £7 Meal

Please... don't do this.

I imagine that when Poundland head office were coming up with this meal concept, they thought it'd be a great idea. It's hard out there at the moment. Prices are going through the roof, wages are staying depressingly low... surely everyone will love a cheap Valentine's dinner?!

Well, no. Personally, I feel like this meal would only be acceptable if you've recently found out your other half is cheating on you but you don't want to move out of the flat you share yet.

For less than £7, you could buy a jar of pasta sauce, some dry pasta, garlic bread and a tub of ice cream. That would definitely be better than this...

Shitty Crab Stuff On Bread

Okay, that's not the official title. It's supposed to be 'crab bruschetta antipasto', which is a fancy was of saying 'a tin of crab meat on top of a pack of tomato and oregano bruschetta'.


Meatballs (From A Tin) On A Bed Of Beef And Tomato Pot Noodles With A Tin Of Peas

Mmmmmm yummy! Who hasn't ever looked at a Pot Noodle and thought: 'You know what would make this 100x better? Tinned meatballs and some peas'.

Ferrero Rocher

Credit: Poundland

Okay, this I can get on-board with.

It could have been Angel Delight on a bed on raisins so I think we've lucked out here.

Lads, don't buy this for Valentine's Day. Go to Maccies, KFC, Nando's... anywhere. But maybe stock up on those Ferrero Rocher - they're only a quid.

Featured Image Credit: Poundland

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