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Man Storms Into Tesco And Performs 'Baby Shark'

Man Storms Into Tesco And Performs 'Baby Shark'

Well, it's finally happened. The internet is over. It's gone too far this time.

OK, perhaps that was an overreaction, and I'll still need Wikipedia, but I suspect a lot of people would agree with me if I said that hearing that 'Baby Shark' song makes me want to pull my ears off.

Well, here's at least one more time - try to retain your sanity.


This time it's being performed in a supermarket in front of a load of bemused, confused, and - yes - even some amused shoppers. Oh, and it was in Workington, Cumbria, in case that is of importance to you.

To make matters even more bizarre, the man performing it is wearing hot pants, a small vest, sunglasses, and a Russian style hat.

That man is Lee Marshall - who is also known as DiscoBoy.

Credit: DiscoBoy
Credit: DiscoBoy

His website describes him as "the new social media sensation" and to be fair, he does have an awful lot of followers on social media. As it happens, his 'DiscoBoy Baby Shark Supermarket Edition' video has been viewed more than 110,000 times at last glance.

DiscoBoy has made a career out of appearing in strange places dressed in this fashion and dancing to his small mobile disco speaker. It looks like he's having a nice time, and he isn't hurting anyone, so it's fine.

At least, he wasn't hurting anyone until he jumped on the 'Baby Shark' trend, anyway. Some things are just inexcusable.

That said, even the staff seem to be getting on board with his antics on this occasion - they started filming him and dancing instead of like, you know, telling him to stop messing around and get out of the shop if he's not buying anything.

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Doesn't he know that supermarkets are supposed to be a bleak and dismal place? I guess not.


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It's not all fun and games though. Back in March 2018, the same internet prankster, DJ, and - well, its difficult to know what exactly to call him - and some friends broke into the set of EastEnders.

Nothing too deplorable just now, right? Wrong. One of the guys he was with then proceeded to sit on one of the park benches on the Elstree Studios set.


Lord. Control yourselves, guys.

In Marshall's defence, in the video, he said: "Mate I can't believe you've just done that. Disgusted that one of the guys I was exploring with took a dump on Arthur Fowler's bench.

"I didn't approve of that but each to their own."

In summary, shitting on benches in fake London boroughs - BAD. Giving everyone a bit of a laugh in the supermarket - GOOD.


Baby Shark - utterly unforgivable.

It's that simple, folks.

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