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Man works out average amount of each Celebration you get in a tub

Man works out average amount of each Celebration you get in a tub

TikTok users have been calling him the 'King of Content' after concluding his research.

A TikToker has finally answered the question that many of us have wondered and counted the average amount of chocolate you get in a tub of Celebrations.

Truly a man of the people.

Whether you’re gaga for Galaxy or think a Twix is the ultimate treat - there is truly is something for everyone in a tub of Celebrations.

However, have you ever opened a box and thought there was an overwhelming amount of Bounty bars and Snickers inside?

Well, one man has done God's work and calculated the average amount of every chocolate in a Celebrations box.

TikToker Charlie Murphy took to the platform and told his 231,900 followers that he’d bought eight tubs to complete the test.

After tipping out all of the bitesize treats into a big pile, the content creator said: “My guess is going to be Milky Way or Mars bar being the most popular, but let’s count them all.”

After sorting out his hoard of chocolates, Murphy claimed that he was ‘disappointed’ by the amount of Snickers that he initially saw.

“I hate Snickers,” he lamented. “Milky Way is looking quite full. Bounty - absolutely disgusting.

“Not many [Galaxy] Caramel. And obviously the best one - the GOAT’ed - the Maltesers.”

After sorting out the Twix chocolates from the Galaxies, Murphy then went on to count each individually wrapped chocolate.

The TikToker poured all the treats into a pile before sorting them.

Unbelievably, out of eight full tubs of Celebrations, he only managed to pick out 48 Galaxy Caramel bites.

He also discovered that there was a similar amount of smooth Galaxy chocolate in the tubs.

On average, this means that there are only six of each sweet treat per purchased container.

So essentially - gold dust.

Surprisingly, the next chocolate with the lowest frequency was a Twix.

Murphy only managed to pull out 49 individually wrapped biscuit bars in total. That means, on average, you’re likely to find at least six per box.

The TikToker also counted 55 Malteser bites in his eight tubs and 58 bars of Bounty.

So, according to his findings, that’s around 7.25 bites of coconut goodness in each Celebrations tub.

Now we’re in the top three territory.

He found Galaxy's offerings had the lowest average frequency in the boxes.

The chocolate with the third highest frequency which Murphy found was the mini Mars bars.

According to the creator, he collected 87 - which means you’ll find an average of 10.875 per box.

So Mars lovers - that’s nearly 11 sweet treats per tub!

Despite his original prediction, Murphy’s Milky Ways came up short as he counted 88 individually wrapped treats in total.

So, according to his meticulous research, you’re likely to get your hands on around 11 each time.

Finally, Murphy claimed to have combed out a staggering 89 Snickers from the tubs - making them the most popular chocolate.

It turns out Snickers are the king of the tub.

Speaking about his findings, the social media star said: “If you’re a Snickers fan this is good news - I’m not.

“89 in total, which give us an average of a whopping 11.125 per tub.”

Murphy concluded his results by telling his followers that his total count was 522 pieces of chocolate - with an average of 65.25 sweets in each tub.

Speaking about the findings, one TikTok user said: “This is the content I’m here for,” while a second said: “Send me the Bounty’s (sic) and Snickers if ya want.”

“You mean what’s the cheapest to make, so fill them up with that haha,” replied another.

And a fourth said: “I’ve always wanted to know this. Fantastic content!”

But every good science experiment should be repeatable - and it looks like Murphy has his sights set on another brand next - Heroes.

Watch this space.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@charliemurphy50

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