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McDonald's customer shares genius hack to get cheaper meals every time

McDonald's customer shares genius hack to get cheaper meals every time

This Morning's Jordon Cox said you never need to pay for a full price McDonald's again

A fast food fan has shared a simple hack which means you'll never have to pay full price for a

Fast food is so good but can be pretty expensive if you’re buying it on the regular, which is why this person’s hack for getting cheaper deals is everything.

You’re going to want to try this McDonald's trick which will give you more to munch for less.

'Coupon King' Jordon Cox has done it again and given us fatty food lovers something else to make sure we’ve got our weekly fix.

Cox, who has been dolling out cost-cutting advice on ITV's This Morning, has shared his method, calling it an ‘unlimited trick’.

Cheap McDonald's? Yes please (Mike Kemp/In Pictures via Getty Images)
Cheap McDonald's? Yes please (Mike Kemp/In Pictures via Getty Images)

Sharing his advice on Instagram, Jordon said: "Never pay full price for a meal!”

Consider me interested, Jordan. Tell us more.

The savvy bloke said: “Here's how: at the top of every McDonald's receipt, there's a survey called 'Food For Thoughts'.”

Furiously bringing up my stash of receipts….

He explained: “If you enter your code and fill out the survey (which can take 1-2 mins if you whizz through it), you get a voucher for a £2.99 meal sent through email.

"You can choose between a Big Mac, McChicken, Quarter Pounder, six Chicken Nuggets, Fillet-o-fish or McPlant with fries or side salad."

The McDonald's hack is really simple (Anna Barclay/Getty Images)
The McDonald's hack is really simple (Anna Barclay/Getty Images)

Oh, that’s exactly what we need post-election, because there’s nothing better than relieving the stress of such a big decision with salt, carbs and fat.

Jordan went on: "And the great thing about this trick - you use your email voucher at the touch screen/at a till, place your order with cheap food... and you get another receipt.”

Ah, so that’s how it becomes ‘limitless’, because you’re constantly getting receipts to re-use the trick on.

He confirmed: “Then you can fill out that survey, and get another voucher for next time. Some meals can cost £6+, and if you don't want a drink - this is a great way to save."

But it’s not exactly a little-known trick as others in the comments piped up to share how they’ve been doing it for ages.

One person wrote: "Yesterday, I combined my McDonalds rewards points with the stickers I'd collected off my fries box for an entirely free meal. I think we're speaking the same language!"

Someone else said: "I always do this, my friends can't be a**** doing it so I always take their receipts and have loads stocked up, I have three currently."

Another commented: "I do this because I remember you on This Morning [talking] about this. And ever since that when I get McDonald's I do the survey and get the £2.99 meal."

A fourth shared that they’ve been doing this for ‘months now’ while others called the hack ‘brilliant’.

If you’re still not sure about the legitimacy of it all, a spokesperson for McDonald's explained to the Daily Mail: "Have your receipt handy and visit our Customer Satisfaction Survey page to take the survey. At the end of the survey, you'll receive a validation code to use on a future visit to McDonald's."

Now, go and get yourself a cheap deal.

Featured Image Credit: Yu Chun Christopher Wong/S3studio/Getty Images/Instagram/couponkiduk

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