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Brand new McDonald’s item has customers divided over how it’s supposed to taste

Brand new McDonald’s item has customers divided over how it’s supposed to taste

The verdict is in on the new Maccies dessert

Change can be good. It can be exciting. But it can also be hard to deal with, leading to disappointment.

And the new McDonald’s menu has excited most foodies. While it’s not exactly a change but more of a welcome of new items, it has brought displeasure to some.

Dropping earlier this week, the fast-food gods added six new items to the menu, like the McCrispy BBQ Smokehouse and the Philly Cheese Stack.

Obviously, there are new McFlurrys as well, including an M&M’s Halloween edition and a Twix Toffee Apple.

McDonald’s have gone pretty hard with that autumnal toffee apple trend, with two more desserts with that sweet, fruity flavour.

There’s the Toffee Apple Donut and a Toffee Apple Pie.

Oh, those steamy Maccies apple pies, the pouring lava of molten fruit encased in the crunchy blanket of pastry. A delight that feels like it’ll burn the entire roof of your mouth off if you’re not careful.

Nothing like pulling up to the maces drive-thru for a burning hot pud.
Matthew Horwood/Getty Images

But not everyone’s happy with this upgraded version.

Customers seem a little divided over how it’s actually supposed to taste.

So, according to McDonald’s, it’s a: “Crispy pastry filled with a spiced apple compote and toffee sauce, with toffee pieces.”

But food fans on Facebook claim they ‘couldn’t even taste the toffee in it’.

As another echoed: “I will admit I felt like I was just eating a normal apple pie.”

Plenty agreed: “I thought it was nice but I like apple lol I couldn’t taste toffee much either.”

Others wrote that the toffee flavour is ‘so weak’ as one reckons: “They definitely could've added more toffee flavour but it was just OK in my opinion.”

A new variation on the classic Maccies apple pie.

However, one did say: “First bite tastes of just a normal apple pie, second bite u get a warm toffee taste it's OK. But nothing special.”

There was even some confusion over the staple flavour of the apple pie, as one claimed it had ‘no cinnamon’ in it, but another put: “I could taste cinnamon which I hate. Couldn't taste any toffee.”

Others were busy reminiscing about previous specials as they believe ‘the double chocolate one was way better’.

Another reckons they’ve hacked it as they say you can ‘taste the toffee when it’s cold’ but surely that defeats the whole point of a McDonald’s apple pie?

There are some foodies who remain excited as they tell their mates: “How nice do these look.”

And one is ready for the ultimate combo: “Dip that in a McFlurry and smoke it.”

Featured Image Credit: Matthew Horwood/Getty Images/George Miller/Facebook

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