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McDonald's announces return of breakfast wrap after fans signed petitions

McDonald's announces return of breakfast wrap after fans signed petitions

It's not been on UK menus since 2020

Back in 2020 when Covid hit and we were all feeling pretty low, McDonald's really dealt a blow - the Breakfast Wrap was axed from the menu.

And British foodies have been distraught ever since - there were even 22 official petitions to bring it back.

But now, after nearly four whole years without the legendary item, McDonald's have announced the return of the Breakfast Wrap.

It's very good news for lovers of the brekky item after the heartbreak in January 2022 when it was announced that it wouldn't be returning.

Maccies' social media was regularly flooded with demands from Brits to 'bring the Breakfast Wrap back' as they call it their 'all-star' and the 'best breakfast item' ever on the menu.

And finally, the fast food giant has confirmed that the popular item will be making a comeback.

It's had a bit of a facelift too as The Sun reports it will now come with two free-range round eggs stuffed inside instead of the old folded ones.

Oh, we are so back.
McDonald's UK

The new Breakfast Wrap includes a pork sausage patty, two round free-range eggs, and a slice of bacon.

It's also filled with a crispy potato rosti and cheese and is served in a tortilla wrap with a choice of either tomato ketchup or brown sauce.

McDonald's will be offering the Breakfast Wrap from £4.39 on its own, or £5.89 for a meal with a drink and a hash brown - just remember that prices vary from restaurant to restaurant.

The Breakfast Wrap will be back in stores from Wednesday 7 February - get the countdown on lads.

But do be aware that this iconic comeback will only be around for a limited time - although our fingers are crossed that it'll be so popular Maccies will make it permanent.

Prices vary across McDonald's stores.
Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

As McDonald's UK announced the comeback this morning (15 January), and Breakfast Wrap lovers say they 'can finally live happier'.

One user wrote on X: "What a way to start the week!"

Another put: "Finally!!! Best day of my life!!"

There's a whole load of 'I CAN'T WAIT's and 'LET'S GOOOOOO' as people even ask: "Is this real?"

Many said: "I've waited too DAMN LONG," as plenty of others wrote: "This better be permanent."

And now Maccies lovers have already used this return to voice their demands for the return of the breakfast bagels which were also axed back in 2020.

But for now, the Breakfast Wrap will be the one making a comeback - available from 7 February.

Featured Image Credit: Nathan Stirk/Getty Images/McDonalds

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