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McDonald’s makes major drinks menu change for the winter

McDonald’s makes major drinks menu change for the winter

McDonald's has teased a new hot drinks range

McDonald’s is clearly getting in the Christmas mood after making a major menu change for the winter.

The fast-food chain loves a festive promotion and has recently launched 30 days of offers, called Festive Wins, which runs from November 1 to 30.

Favourite menu items will be available for as little as 99p including a Big Mac, Filet-o-Fish, McNuggets and McPlant.

You’ll be able to score these daily deals by just heading to the McDonald's app under the ‘My Deals’ or ‘Rewards & Deals’ section.

"From a 99p Big Mac to 20 percent off meals, we wanted to get into the Christmas spirit early with Festive Wins, a generous and joyful month-long celebration of offers and prizes,’’ said Michelle Graham-Clare, Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, McDonald’s UK.

‘"Over the next 30 days, customers can get that festive feeling by heading to our app where they can get some incredible food offers and win some very merry merchandise.’’

Now, it seems that Christmas has come early for McDonald's fans as it also introduced two new chocolate themed beverages to the lineup.

Galaxy Caramel Latte.

Choco-lovers will be delighted to know that Maccies has teamed up with Galaxy to create the 'The Galaxy Range'.

This includes a new Galaxy Caramel Latte and a Galaxy Caramel Hot Chocolate.

McDonald's has described its Caramel Latte as 'a smooth latte, blended with Galaxy® Caramel flavour syrup, topped with delicious caramel cream and Galaxy® chocolate stars'.

Whereas its Galaxy Hot Chocolate comes 'with Galaxy® Caramel flavour syrup, topped with delicious caramel cream and Galaxy® chocolate stars'.

A regular will cost £2.69 and a large will be £3.29.

This comes after last month's announcement of six new dishes.

Galaxy Caramel Hot Chocolate.

McCrispy BBQ Smokehouse - £7.39

Maccies have called this 'the G.O.A.T of McCrispy', consisting of a chicken breast fillet in a, crunchy coating with a smoky BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, red onion, lettuce, all in a sourdough style sesame topped bun.

Philly Cheese Stack - £6.99

This dish is said to deliver 'the ultimate cheesy experience' with two beef patties with a cheese sauce, two cheese slices, grilled and crispy onions and pickles, served in a toasted bun

M&M's Halloween McFlurry - £1.99 regular, £1.49 mini

Soft dairy ice cream swirled with M&Ms and Halloween sugar shapes and topped with Galaxy Chocolate sauce.

Twix Toffee Apple McFlurry - £1.99 regular, £1.49 mini

Again, soft dairy ice cream but swirled with Twix biscuit and chocolate pieces and topped with a toffee apple sauce.

Toffee Apple Pie - £1.99

A fresh take on the Maccies apple pie - crispy pastry filled with a spiced apple compote & toffee sauce, with toffee pieces

Toffee Apple Donut - £2.19

A ring donut filled with toffee apple compote, topped with crumble pieces & toffee sauce.

These items will be available from 18 October to 21 November.

Featured Image Credit: Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto/Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

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