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Red flag signs you're a functioning alcoholic if you're still drinking in January

Red flag signs you're a functioning alcoholic if you're still drinking in January

These red flags may be a cause for concern as the festive season comes to an end.

Most people enjoy a pint now and again - but how much is too much?

With the conclusion of the World Darts Championship, the festive season is well and truly over.

And after embarking on some heavy drinking for a good few weeks now, thousands of Brits will be taking part in Dry or Damp January for physical and mental health benefits.

Of course, drinking over Christmas and New Years is typically normal in our society, with the vast majority of us drinking way more than we typically would.

But when this excessive drinking drifts into everyday life as we all head back to normality in January, it could be the sign of a problem.

The experts at the clinic found that those who take part in binge drinking between Christmas and New Year will end up drinking 22 units or more of alcohol per week, spending around £62.55 on wine, £41.20 on beer, and £50 a week on cocktail drinks.

This has led the NHS to step in and provide UK citizens with a list of ‘red flags’ to watch out for when considering how much they drink.

Many Brits tend to drink a bit too much during the festive season.
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With dangers such as being prone to accidents and health risks when overindulging during the holidays, the NHS warns that drinking more can ‘raise blood pressure’ and also damage your organs.

According to the NHS, signs of a functioning alcoholic may include being frequently intoxicated and smelling of booze, hiding alcohol in unusual places and losing control around alcohol use.

If you find yourself drinking between work, appointments, or topping yourself up to stay tipsy, this could be a sign of alcohol dependency.

And if you reward yourself after taking care of daily responsibilities or after a busy day at work or with the kids, this is also a red flag.

Mood changes are also something to be wary of, as if you become anxious, restless, irritable and unable to sleep if you cannot drink, it could show signs of dependency.

There are also a lot of people who like to start of the day with a drop of alcohol or after lunch in order to stave off alcohol withdrawal symptoms, drinking at social events and pre-drinking beforehand, and avoiding events that don’t revolve around drinking.

Such signs may show you're a functioning alcoholic.
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However, these are all dangerous things to participate in and indicate an underlying problem.

Other red flags to look out for which could indicate someone is a functioning alcoholic are:

1) Drinking excessively alone at home or going to a car straight after work

2) Being defensive or flippant when confronted over their drinking

3) Denying they are an alcoholic and providing reasons

4) Using prescription pills and alcohol to function

5) Becoming erratic, spontaneous, angry whilst intoxicated

6) Experiencing an alcoholic blackout

7) Taking risks while drunk, such as driving or working

Please drink responsibly. If you want to discuss any issues relating to alcohol in confidence, contact Drinkline on 0300 123 1110, 9am–8pm weekdays and 11am–4pm weekends for advice and support

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