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The 'simply breathtaking’ seaside town in Greece you’ve probably never heard of with £100 flights

The 'simply breathtaking’ seaside town in Greece you’ve probably never heard of with £100 flights

If the holiday FOMO is getting too much, grab a quick flight over here

If you love leaving things until the last minute and are yet to book a summer getaway, we may have just the place for you.

Now, there are plenty of amazing spots in Greece, including the famous party island of Mykonos, and another island which has been dubbed the 'Greek Caribbean'.

But the Greek mainland has plenty to offer too, including this ‘simply breathtaking’ seaside down with wallet-friendly £100 flights.

Book me a flight now, please. (George Pachantouris/Getty Stock)
Book me a flight now, please. (George Pachantouris/Getty Stock)

Away from the flocking crowds in Athens and tourists in Santorini is a small seaside city.

Kavala is found in northern Greece and is the main seaport of eastern Macedonia.

Built on a hillside along the coast, the city is described as a ‘cultural crossroad between the East and the West’

And of course given its location, visitors are treated to both mega mountain views and stunning beaches.

Visit Greece tempts us with: “Mountains, beaches, picture perfect cityscapes, breathtaking views, significant monuments and sites, delicious local cuisine and amazing places to discover at a short distance.”

OK, sign me up.

In need of a holiday lads? (Getty Stock)
In need of a holiday lads? (Getty Stock)

What to do in Kavala?

It seems like the perfect place for a total switch-off, but also with some more active days doing watersports in the sea or taking on a big old walk.

And of course, who could forget, the food.

Arguably an absolute highlight of any holiday, you’ll be able to dine on all the Greek goodies and try out local dishes in picturesque seaside tavernas.

These include sardine pilaf and calamari stuffed with rice, if that's enough to get your mouth watering.

You can visit the Castle of Kavala for some history and culture as people on Tripadvisor say it’ll treat you to ‘enchanting views’.

The church of Panagia and the Khalil Bey mosque are apparently also worth checking out.

People even return to the destination summer after summer for an ‘incredible holiday’.

How much do flight to Kavala cost?

TUI now offers direct flights from London’s Gatwick airport to Kavala in three hours and 20 minutes rather than having to do long split flights or transfers in Greece.

In July, you can currently find return flights for £100 so you’ll be curing that holiday FOMO in no time.

There’s also other flights available to Thessaloninki which is about a two hour drive to the city, so you know, you’ve got options lads.

Featured Image Credit: Getty stock

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