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'World's First' Solid Chocolate Easter Egg Is Everything We've Wanted

'World's First' Solid Chocolate Easter Egg Is Everything We've Wanted

Every year the same disappointment follows. From the lack of Easter eggs in the first place, cracking it open and wishing there was more, and then stepping on the scales in the aftermath.

Well, two of those three problems may be solved, the third we can worry about later.

We live in an age when chocolate makers think it's acceptable to reduce the size of their treats by 20 percent.

Those companies all claim that they are doing it to meet the new 'sugar targets' set by the government.


But, fear not. The Solid Chocolate Company has come to our rescue.

The choco-specialist claims to have made the 'world's first' solid chocolate Easter egg. Why has nobody thought of this sooner?

Credit: Solid Chocolate Company


The new egg consists of 750g of Belgian chocolate (only the finest will do) and it's split into 42 bitesize pieces.

It comes in a range of flavours, too, so whether it's milk, white, dark or caramel chocolate that takes your fancy, it looks like you'll be left more than satisfied.

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"Remember when you were a child and the excitement of being given an Easter egg?" they write. "Do you also remember the disappointment of opening all that packaging and breaking the egg only to find it was hollow?"

Yes, yes we do. But, how did they do it, surely it was just a simple process?

"It's not rocket science to just put two solid halves together, but that wasn't good enough for us," they explain. "We wanted to have an egg made of solid, bite-sized pieces that fit together to make a solid egg."

And boy did they do it.


Price? A hefty £24.99 but you get the feeling that it's worth every penny.

Imagine being given chocolate to eat as part of a job... Well, now you can. Mondelez, the company that own Cadbury's, are looking for a chocolate taster.

It's a 7.5 hours-per-week job, and is based in Reading. Leaving the question, are you free Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons?

Featured Image Credit: Solid Chocolate Company

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