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Some Guy Explained Why Nelly Used To Wear A Plaster On His Cheek

Some Guy Explained Why Nelly Used To Wear A Plaster On His Cheek

The questions on everyone's lips 15 years ago.

Josh Teal

Josh Teal

It's quite endearing to look back at 2002 and remember that one of society's biggest questions, arguably, was why 'Ride Wit Me' RnB alpha male Nelly wore a small, white bandage on his left cheek. Did anyone ever find out? If not, don't worry.

Step forward Tristan Walker, a man who quietly enlightened the world - or just people browsing Quora - back in October 2010 that Nelly's bandage/band-aid/plaster was not an act of vanity, despite the fact it became synonymous with his image. No, it was actually the opposite of that.

"At first, Nelly wore the band-aid to cover up a basketball injury," Tristan wrote. "But according to Entertainment Weekly, after that scar healed, Nelly kept wearing it in honour of ex St. Lunatic Lavell Webb (a.k.a. City Spud), who collaborated with Nelly on his hit song, 'Ride Wit Me'.

"Nelly says that Webb, who is serving a 10-year sentence for robbery, is innocent. 'I know when he sees me on TV and sees me wearing this Band-Aid, he knows I'm wearing it for him,' said Nelly."

And there we have it. Who knows where Tristan is now. Probably solving Rubix cubes, blindfolded, with his feet.

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