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Women Reveal How They Really Feel About Dick Pics

Mel Ramsay

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Women Reveal How They Really Feel About Dick Pics

In the office the other day, we started talking about dick pics. Hey, it happens.

We began discussing whether any woman actually likes receiving them. As a woman myself, I know that if I ever see an unsolicited dick pic it pretty much ruins my day.

There's a certain kind of bloke who sends them randomly, and I'll be honest. It isn't impressive. It doesn't make you seem any more attractive. However, this is just my opinion. So I decided that the best thing to do would be to find out what other women think.

Lads, this is some life advice. Take heed.



"There is literally nothing worse than an unexpected/unwanted dick pic. If it's a boyfriend and you've asked for it (or it's that kind of conversation) then fair enough, send away. But if it's from someone new and you haven't asked for it then I will stop talking to them.

"If I wanted to see it, I would ask. Such a put off as well, makes me think they only want one thing."

Then we spoke to Katie:


"Dick pics are kind of like when a cat brings you a dead bird, we understand the sentiment, but gross and unwanted."


"I think every girl has very personal opinions on receiving (and sending) personal pictures. But I'm sure all will agree there's nothing more off putting than getting five messages deep into a conversation, telling him how your days been and getting a photographic representation of his genitals on your screen.

"Don't get me wrong, hearing about a tiring day at uni, followed by a greasy ready meal because I've assignments to write and nearly falling face first outside Tescos would turn me on too, but it's just a little too soon to be broadcasting it.


"However, if you're not five messages deep into a conversation, but maybe five weeks deep into talking or dating, it is different.

"If, and I mean if. We're not physically together, and for some reason can't be. And we haven't seen each other for a while and you're feeling that way on. I'm more than happy to join in with some harmless sexting. But you have to build up to it. I don't just want it appearing on my screen like you've been planning it for hours. Talk to me, then talk a little dirty to me. Then send away. That way, as soon as I can crack my back, get some good lighting and twist enough to show how perky my bum is, I'll fire back a reply. If I don't reply, or seem disinterested when you make the conversation a little sexier, abort mission. Immediately. I'm not in the mood, keep your pictures to your self.

"But it is complicated! If I send a cute picture as I'm getting ready, showing you that I've cute my cute white matching set on today, I'm doing it to tease you. You know I start work at 9, you know I don't have time between then and now to play your games. Play on my level, flash me your boxers and wind me up a little, and we'll play when the day is over. At least that way you know you'll be on my mind all day. After all, That's all I was trying to do to you in the first place."


"Thought I'd give my opinion on the subject! If there are a few naughty pictures/messages are being exchanged then sure a dick pic is okay. I only want one so I have a picture of them as they have one of me.. (In case it turns sour down the line.)


"I wouldn't say it's a great thing to look at (or pleasurable) so wouldn't ask for one for that reason. If I'm just on Snapchat or something and a random person just pops up sending one then it's vile. You didn't ask for it and got it. It's kind of like someone flashing you in public it's just this is behind a screen... Creeps haha"


"To be honest, the only reasons we would ask for dick pic are: 1) make sure it's not extra weird 2) size check and 3) if you decided to be a prick and talk shit about our nudes we can always say you have a small dick.

"But really no one wants to see a dick pic. It does absolutely nothing for us."



"I don't mind receiving them but just don't expect me to reply or comment on anything to do with it.

"I mean, what do you expect me to say 'ah your dick's cute' or ' I can't even'. Obviously though if I receive one, it determines whether or not you're through to the judges houses - also known as being worthy enough to become a Whatsapp contact or something."


"If they're from someone you're seeing then they're not so bad, but just a random dick shoved in your face, you feel kinda violated.

"And genitals aren't pretty, lets face it. I'm not gonna lie and say my vagina is the prettiest thing ever, so why guys think we'll go 'Aw isn't it so lovely!'. I have no idea."

The overwhelming answer is that women really do not like dick pics. I couldn't find a single person who had a positive response.

So why do blokes send them?

I decided to search for men who had sent unsolicited dick pics. Trust me, this was really difficult. Funnily enough, no-one wants to admit to sending them. So, I headed over to Facebook and put out a status to try and get anonymous responses. Luckily, I found a couple of people who were willing to talk.

First up, man number one.

"Every time I saw her when she came in my work, we always caught each other's eyes then gave a cheeky grin.But when I gave her my number, she talked like we were just mates, so was a bit strange.

"Even though I kept dropping hints I thought she was stunning, she never acted on them. So I sent the pic just to see how she reacted.

"I was worried that she would block and share pic around but, if I didn't do it then I wouldn't have found out she liked me. Then she sent one back, and it went on and on.This was until I saw her with her boyfriend. So I laughed to myself and walked away."

Next, man number two who is gay.

"The site I was on made it seem the norm as it was usually the first thing asked for - so I just started sending them in the first instance.

"Some people just wanted to talk, so it ended up being a block here and there. It's sometimes gave me the results I wanted but never lead to anything more."

Man number three.

"Men send dick pics because we think that's what a woman wants to see.

"Deep down, we know it's bullshit, but we find any excuse to do it so the woman knows the man's size. Sending dick pics is just one thing we do because of our ego."

And finally, man number four.

"My dick is thicker and longer than average.

"When you are blessed, you need to sometimes let people know. I get more attention from girls once they know what I'm packing than if they weren't aware.

"Best way to make them aware is a dick pic. Voila."

Now I'm really confused. There seems to be some kind of miscommunication going on here. However, what I'm taking from this is that the best thing to do is speak to the guy/girl you're sending the picture to BEFORE you send it. Make sure it's what they want. Otherwise, it may come across as ever so slightly creepy.


Words by Mel Ramsay

*Special thanks to everyone who agreed to be interviewed.

Topics: Funny, Sex and Relationships, Social Media

Mel Ramsay
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