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Whatever You Do, Don't Accept A Friend Request From This Woman

Whatever You Do, Don't Accept A Friend Request From This Woman

Random friend requests seem to happen all the time. I've lost count of the amount of people who've added me with no mutual friends (or one random person, who always tends to be pretty thirsty). And for lots of my male friends, they seem to attract a lot of catfishes. What's a catfish? Well, basically it's someone who's pretending to be someone else on social media.

Most of us can figure out these accounts within about two seconds. The pictures are all of an incredibly good looking person and they've got about 20 friends. Plus, they don't seem to have any pictures with friends.

I don't know who these people are. They must have a lot of time on their hands.

In fact, the entire idea of it reminds me of this hilarious clip from MTV's Catfish...


Anyway this woman, Vanessa (who chose to withhold her surname), was shocked when she was sent a link to a profile where someone was using all her pictures. Not only that, but the profile (with the name Ellie Reece) looked legit, with 1,238 friends.


Things got even creepier when she found out that 'Ellie' had been messaging men on the social network asking them to 'get their nobs out' in return for her own 'nudes'.

Vanessa told the Sun: "A guy who had been speaking to the fake account for three months messaged me on Saturday night asking if my name is Ellie Reece.

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"I searched the name and found an account with all of my photos on it, taken from my Facebook and Instagram."

It turns out that quite a few men had been sending nude images in return to 'Ellie's' nudes. But 'Ellie' only ever sent pictures from the neck down so could have easily been Googled.


Vanessa reported the account to Facebook, but they accidentally deactivated her account rather than the fake one.


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She added: "I know it wasn't my body, but it's so scary to think people could have these photos of random people's bodies and think they are me.


"One guy told me she seemed so real, as she had sent him naked photos - so he sent her some back. She sent him a message saying 'get your nob out' and he actually sent her dick pics.

"I can only imagine these other 1,200 guys have done the exact same thing."

Facebook has now reinstated Vanessa's account.

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