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Baby Sparrow Keeps Flying Back To Visit Her Rescuers

Laura Sanders


Baby Sparrow Keeps Flying Back To Visit Her Rescuers

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@chibi_the_sparrow

A sparrow has been given a second chance at life after a couple in Slovenia rescued her and nursed her back to health. Despite being released back into the wild, Chibi the sparrow kept flying back to visit her rescuers and now she's become something of a YouTube star.

"I was afraid to hold her in my arms because I didn't want to break her," said her rescuer, who took Chibi in after she was found fighting for her life in her friend's garden at 10 days old. Chibi and one of her siblings had fallen out of the tree and the parents were nowhere to be found. With her sister already dead, Chibi's rescuers were determined to save her life.

You can watch Chibi's journey in the video below.

After doing some research, the couple found out they could feed Chibi on wet cat food. They put some of the food, mixed with some banana and tofu, on the end of a pair of tweezers to make it easy for tiny Chibi to eat. "She loved it," said her rescuer.

As baby birds don't have a full coat of feathers, they need help keeping themselves warm, so the couple put some old clothing in a cardboard box and made a cosy bed for Chibi.

But this wasn't going to suffice for long, and the couple then built a much bigger habitat in their lounge for Chibi.

"She immediately became a full time project for us," said the couple. It sounds like it was a labour of love though.

Over the coming weeks and months, Chibi "grew bigger [and] more beautiful," said the couple. Chibi also slowly started to spread her wings and learn to fly.

Eventually, Chibi had learned to fly and was ready to be released back into the wild. A date was decided to set her free, as much as they would miss her. They asked a friend if they could release Chibi in their garden, where it was safer and away from cats. They day she was released, the couple put a little birdhouse in their friend's garden so she could come back and visit.

But, just a few seconds after she flew off into a nearby tree, Chibi flew back to her rescuers and has kept coming back ever since.

"It changed our life for the better," the couple said. Now, Chibi can go outside as much as she wants, but she always flies back to the couple. She lives with them and goes everywhere with them.

Chibi has the best of both worlds now, with a roof over her head with the couple who rescued her and the freedom to fly outside while being kept safe by her owners.

Chibi now has her own YouTube channel with more than 1,500 subscribers, where she keeps fans updated about her life with her human parents.

Topics: Wildlife

Laura Sanders
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