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Doctor Finds Spider Scurrying Around Inside Woman's Ear Canal

Doctor Finds Spider Scurrying Around Inside Woman's Ear Canal

The woman went to the hospital on 18 October after the spider reportedly spent the WHOLE NIGHT in her ear.

Skin-crawling footage shows a tiny spider hanging out inside a woman's ear canal - at one point suddenly scurrying towards the miniature camera as a doctor tries to remove the unwanted visitor.

The creepy crawly had made its way inside the ear of a patient from Zhuzhou, which is located in China's Hunan Province.

The woman, named as Yi in local media reports, went to the hospital on Monday 18 October after the spider reportedly spent the WHOLE NIGHT inside her ear canal.

Nope. No thank you. Absolutely not.


She had been out the night before when she felt a strange discomfort in her ear, and realised she could also hear a noise.

After the itchiness became too much for her to bear, Yi eventually went to hospital to get herself checked out.

According to local media outlet Beijing News, the doctor found a spider crawling around 'on the surface of the tympanic membrane' of her ear.


The medic inserted a small camera to take a look, with horrifying footage showing the arachnid scurrying around her ear canal - rushing towards the camera a few seconds into the clip.

Thankfully, the doctor was able to remove the spider using an electric otoscope, which is a device used to look inside people's ears.


Recently, a photograph emerged of a spider found underneath a man's bed in Ecuador - which was not only one of the world's most venomous spiders, but also so big it was the size of the bloke's hand.

Photographer Gil Wizen noticed tiny spiders appearing in his bedroom and decided to take a look under his bed to see where they were coming from when he got a very nasty surprise.

At the time, he was staying at a reserve in Napo, where he was greeted by a huge Brazilian wandering spider and its offspring.

Perhaps even more incredibly, the image named 'The spider room' won Mr Wilzen a Wildlife Photographer of the Year award for Urban Wildlife.

Speaking on his blog about the photograph, which appears to be from 2014, he said: "Not only there were literally thousands of spiderlings under the bed, right beside them rested one of the biggest 'non-tarantula' spiders I have ever seen.

"Its body length was 45mm but with its leg span it could easily cover my hand."

Featured Image Credit: AsiaWire

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