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Man Who Felt Tickling In Earmuffs Discovers Huge Huntsman Spider Inside

Claire Reid


Man Who Felt Tickling In Earmuffs Discovers Huge Huntsman Spider Inside

Featured Image Credit: ABC Perth/Olly Hurst

An Australian man who felt a tickling inside his earmuff found a huge huntsman spider tucked away inside. You can watch the creepy clip here:


Plumber Olly Hurst, from Perth, was trying to work but was driven to distraction by the tickling sensation he kept feeling inside his ear defender.

So he decided to take off the industrial earmuffs to check out what was going on - and what he found was every arachnophobe's worst nightmare.

After giving them a little shake, a huge huntsman spider was revealed to be chilling inside one of the ear defenders. It's a huge 'nope' from me.

However, despite getting up close with the creepy crawly, Olly managed to remain fairly calm during the whole thing and could be seen gently trying to encourage the spider to move.

Fair play to him, I'd have launched the earmuffs across the room and then set the building on fire just for good measure.

F*ck that. Credit: ABC Perth/Olly Hurst
F*ck that. Credit: ABC Perth/Olly Hurst

In footage shared with ABC Perth, he said: "I absolutely knew I could feel something tickling my ear. Hmmm, nasty."

"It doesn't want to come out. He's happy in there," he added.

The video ends with Olly dropping the earmuffs on the floor - where presumably they shall remain forevermore. Indeed, many people were amazed that Olly didn't head straight for the hills.

Commenting on the video, one person said: "Oh my lordy... I'd scream then throw them and run far far away."

Another said: "I am amazed that you didn't have a heart attack when you saw what had been tickling your ear."

A third added: "Buy some new earmuffs and let the spider have his/her new home."

Yeah, being that close to a creepy-crawly is bad enough, but having one encased on top of an orifice is the stuff of nightmares.

Huntsman spiders aren't actually that dangerous to humans, certainly not by Aussie spider standards - although they do pack some venom.

However, they can span up to 15cm (almost six inches), so they're incredibly adept at scaring the absolute s*** out of you - particularly if unearthed unexpectedly from something like an earmuff, say.

Huntsman spiders grow very large indeed. Credit: PA
Huntsman spiders grow very large indeed. Credit: PA

Indeed, Down Under it is wise to check inside shoes and the like before putting them on, in case more dangerous creatures like the comparatively innocuous-looking redback spider are lurking in there.

Similarly, you might want check the dunny for snakes. Just ask Sofie Pearson, who found a family of tree snakes living in her bog in Cordelia, North Queensland, in August 2020.

Speaking to 7News, Sofie said: "I went to the toilet and then I went to flush it and I really had to push down on the button to get it to work, so I was a bit confused.

"So I figured I'd just pull the top off and check what the issue was. I sort of looked at them for a second and thought, 'That's not right.'"

You're not wrong there, Sofie.

Topics: Animals, Australia

Claire Reid
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