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​Terrifying Footage Shows Six-Metre ‘Monster Shark’ Scoping Out Men In Fishing Boat

​Terrifying Footage Shows Six-Metre ‘Monster Shark’ Scoping Out Men In Fishing Boat

Footage shows the terrifying moment a six-metre 'monster' great white shark approached three blokes in a boat and started scoping them out.


The three Aussies were fishing 30 miles from Dawsville in Western Australia, when the huge beast came up to their boat and began circling it.

Their dialogue went something like this:

"Size of him!"

"Uh-oh, don't like this!"

"Holy s***! S***, s***, s***, I've never seen one that f***ing big!"


"Nah, that's enough for me!"

"F*** me! He's just sitting there, what the hell!?"

"Yeah, as long as he stays down there. He's scoping us, mate."

"F*** me!"

"Holy s***!"

"Jesus f***ing Christ!"

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Huge Six Metre Shark Filmed Hunting Two Men In A Boat

Huge Six Metre Shark Filmed Hunting Two Men In A Boat

"That is f***ing huge. That is massive."

"Oh my God. Holy s***!"

Credit: ViralHog
Credit: ViralHog

So, er, I think it's fair to assume they were pretty freaked out - and fair enough.

One of the lads said: "I couldn't believe my eyes when myself and two mates encountered a large 6-meter white pointer while fishing 30 miles from Dawsville, Western Australia.

"The monster shark approached the back of the boat. I thought it was going to take a bite out of my prop before turning and circling the boat three times watching us closely then going directly under the boat, almost making contact.

"It was then I felt that we needed to go."

Someone else in Australia also had an even sketchier moment with a shark recently, when one swam up behind him while he was surfing and attacked him.

Dylan Nacass, 23, was surfing at Bells Beach, which is around an hour and a half from Melbourne in Victoria, on Friday 8 May.

He had no idea the shark was stalking him as he paddled in the water, and was surprised when it latched onto his leg. Thankfully, his instincts kicked in and he was able to punch the shark away, escaping with only minor leg injuries.

You'd probably assume Nacass wants nothing to do with the sea ever again, but believe it or not, he's keen to get back into the water when he can - saying the only things holding him back at the moment are his (thankfully minor) injuries.

He said: "I really want to go back soon.

"Just when my leg, it's OK. I'm going to go back to surf soon."

Featured Image Credit: ViralHog

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