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​This Bad**s Possum Saved Its Baby From A Snake

​This Bad**s Possum Saved Its Baby From A Snake

The incident took place in the back garden of nurse Christine Birch William, who lives in Queensland, Australia

Most mums will go to pretty extreme lengths to make their kids happy - whether that means producing the best roast in the world when we're working our way through a hangover, sending us a sweet little care package when we're homesick or simply telling you us we're great even though we know we can a total pain in the arse.

But this mum took things even further when she saved her baby from a python. Oh, she's a possum, btw.

The incident took place in the back garden of nurse Christine Birch William, who lives in Queensland, Australia.

She had arrived home from work in the dead of night when she came across the brawl, rushing inside to grab her camera before capturing everything in a series of amazing photos.

Christine, 53, said: "I heard a noise and turned to see the python snatch the baby. I immediately ran inside for my camera to capture the battle.

"There was lots of screaming from the baby and mother. She was really going for it, biting and scratching until the snake gave up.

"I thought the baby might have been dead, but then it jumped back on her back and off they went."


Christine said that the photos were actually taken back in 2015, but they hadn't been uploaded to social media until Maroochydore snake catcher Stuart McKenzie posted them online on Thursday - soon going viral.

The photos have also prompted an online discussion about our whether or not we should let nature run its course in instances like this one, with some people slamming Christine for not stepping in.

But Christine explained that she never thought to intervene and was simply fascinated by what was happening.

She said: "Everybody has their opinions, but it never occurred to me to intervene. That's just nature."


Stuart also agreed with Christine, saying: "It's definitely the million-dollar question, but I probably would have done the same.

"As hard as it is to watch, the snake earned its meal.

"This was the favoured response online, it's what everyone wanted.

"Most people wanted the possum to escape, and in this instance, it happened.

"This is pretty rare to see, the majority of the time the snake gets a hold of one it's all over.

"It would have been the case if not for the mum."

He added: "The message here is: if a snake has gotten hold of your pet, it's safer to let it be."

Hopefully we will never find ourselves in the same situation as that poor baby possum - not sure my mum could take on a giant python. She does, however, make a banging roast.

Featured Image Credit: StoryTrender

Topics: Animals, Australia