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'Broke' Hotel Worker Made £2.5 Million In One Year After Quitting Job

'Broke' Hotel Worker Made £2.5 Million In One Year After Quitting Job

When Mia Karina, 20, first met her husband Marc the couple were struggling to get by

When Mia Karina met her husband, she was a 'broke' hotel worker. Now she's a baller with a property empire and is raking in £2.5 million on OnlyFans.

The 20-year-old is originally from South America but currently lives in Somerset, UK, with her husband, Marc Howard, 28, from Lincolnshire.

Mia with her husband Marc.
Jam Press

Alongside her husband Mia owns multiple properties, including a $330,000 holiday condo in Mexico that has three pools, a private gym and a 24-hour concierge.

Mia, who has seen incredible success on OnlyFans, has also started a property portfolio, with two houses in north west England that she rents out.

She is also building her parents a home back in South America, where they live a humble life working as teachers, and on top of everything else, she rents a £1.1 million home in the UK for herself and Marc.

Jam Press
Jam Press

This luxury is a far cry from Mia's upbringing, however, and up until a few years ago, when she first met Marc, the couple barely made enough to get by.

She said: “I was raised in a very traditional Catholic family. We have a small home - so small that Marc doesn’t fit through the doorways, he has to bend down.

“The wages back home are low so it means we have always lived simply. My parents shop at the local market and don’t waste anything.

“As a student, Marc was encouraged to live like a local so his apartment was small and he had very little money when we met.”

Jam Press

They matched on Tinder in June 2018 when he was visiting South America on a university work placement, before quickly falling in love.

The whirlwind romance saw the pair marry in December that same year, so that they could live together in Europe.

To make their way, they worked in hotels but found it tough to live on minimum wage, pulling in £1,300 each.

That’s when a friend told Marc about OnlyFans and he suggested Mia give it a try.

The former hotel worker first joined OnlyFans in August 2019 – while travelling and living in Malta – and quickly saw her earnings skyrocket, now raking in £220,000 a month.

Mia's earnings.
Jam Press

Mia said: “At first I thought it [OnlyFans] was like another social media channel, I really was very naive and then I taught myself step-by-step how I could make money.

“Marc and I were trying to build a life together and I just wanted some extra cash.

“Very quickly, I started to make thousands of pounds a month.

"It was more than I could have dared dream of.

“In such a short space of time, we managed to relocate to Somerset in the UK.

“My immigration solicitor said I was approved for UK residency in the quickest time he’d ever seen. I think my bank balance had a lot to do with it.”

Jam Press

Mia and Marc are now living the high life, constantly travelling as well as buying themselves flashy cars worth over £45,000 and designer fashion.

Mia said: “We’ve brought a Porsche Macan and want to upgrade to a Porsche Boxter 718 next year.

“We’ve mainly been travelling with our money. We’ve been to Thailand, Ibiza, Paris and plan to go to Tanzania on Safari early next year.

“I have designer bags from Chanel, Versace, LV, Gucci, Fendi, Hermes and Bottega Veneta too. I keep them pristine so they will never devalue."

Jam Press

The couple also have aspirations to grow their property portfolio to 10 houses by the end of 2025.

But the wealth has come at an unexpected cost, as Mia feels unable to return home for fears that she might be targeted now that she is rich.

Her hometown is very poor and her strict Catholic parents have no idea about her OnlyFans career but believe their daughter made her fortune through the stock and property market.

Mia speaks to her parents on the phone almost every day and plans to tell them about her sexy alter ego after Christmas.

She said: “I will see them this Christmas and I might tell them if it comes up. So far I have kept everything a secret because I am worried they will be closed-minded.

“I was raised in a strict house and I wasn’t allowed out after 10pm. I didn’t date and boys certainly couldn’t come to my house. It feels like a big step to tell them about OnlyFans but I hope they will understand.” 

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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