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David Beckham Takes A Nap With His Dog Under £4,600 Louis Vuitton Blanket

David Beckham Takes A Nap With His Dog Under £4,600 Louis Vuitton Blanket

Golden Balls and his pooch were snapped enjoying an afternoon nap together

Ordinarily, if someone has a dog napping on their chest, you are jealous of them.

But if the person with a dog napping on their chest is David Beckham, then you are jealous of the dog.

His wife, Victoria, shared a picture of Golden Balls and his pooch enjoying an afternoon nap together on Sunday. Cocker Spaniel, Olive, seems well and truly wiped out, while David is the picture of peace - no slack-jawed slobbering for this man.

We shouldn't be too surprised the pair had little difficulty drifting off though; the designer Louis Vuitton blanket they're dozing under retails for £4,600 ($5,905).

Now that ought to be very fucking comfortable indeed.

David Beckham napping with his pooch in style.

One vented their envy in the comments section, writing: "Look at this damn dog living EVERYONE'S best life I'm not here for this at all hahhaa xx"

Victoria shared the picture - which has received more than 1,100,000 times - with a caption that read: "Afternoon nap with her daddy @davidbeckham #Olivebeckham x kisses x VB"

While the picture is very sweet, and no doubt all of us are very grateful to Victoria for bringing it into our lives, there is no excuse for applying your surname to your dog. Victoria, your pooch is called Olive. Not Olive Beckham. That is sickly.

It goes without saying though that a dog owned by the Beckhams is going to sleep in style.

The 43-year-old former England captain has always been a stylish bastard. Sure there was the sarong back in the floppy haired days, but the man would look divine in a bin bag.

Because of the fact he looks so bloody good - and the fact he was a top class footballer - Beckham has had a shitload of sponsorship deals down the years.

He famously wore Adidas sports gear during his career, but since then launched his own clothing range with H&M. He has worked with Haig Club whisky, Pepsi, Breitling watches and Gillette, as well as releasing his own fragrances.

He has recently founded his own designer fashion label, named Kent & Curwen with Daniel Kearns, unveiling their new range at London Fashion Week Men's earlier this month; by the looks of it, dressing like a Peaky Blinder is in this year.

Hey, if DB thinks it's cool, it's cool.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/victoriabeckham

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