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Roman Kemp Says He Was 'Close To Tears' When He Lost His Virginity

Roman Kemp Says He Was 'Close To Tears' When He Lost His Virginity

The radio presenter opened up about his first time

Roman Kemp has confessed that he almost cried when he lost his virginity, saying the embarrassment left him 'close to tears'.

The 28-year-old radio presenter tells the awkward tale on tonight's new episode of Celebrity Juice, when host Keith Lemon jokes: "You're still a virgin, aren't you?"

Roman goes on to make the confession about his first time.


He says: "I think it must have lasted all around 2.7 seconds to 3 seconds.

"And I remember being so embarrassed that I just quickly went, 'I gotta go to the toilet,' like this.

"So I went to the toilet, came back out, made some excuse, but then had to replace a new condom on and try again in the most painful fashion for around 40 minutes, pretending that something's happening when it's not.

"I was so close to tears."

But these days, it's his career that's getting in the way of his sex life.

Speaking on Alistair Campbell's Football, Feminism and Everything in Between podcast, Roman said: "I am far too tired to date. I've done it all - dating apps, I've chatted to people on Instagram and all that kinda stuff.

"But when it comes to actually meeting up, I just can't be bothered. I honestly can't."

Roman said his show comes first in his life.

He added: "I genuinely feel like I'm... you know, realistically, who is my girlfriend and who am I married to?

''I'm married to, selfishly, my show.

''The reason I don't drink during the week, the reason I try my best to go to bed early, and the reason I try and do what I do is to make that show sound as good as possible."

Celebrity Juice returns tonight at 10pm on ITV2, where Roman will appear with host Keith, plus team captains Laura Whitmore and Emily Atack.

Former Inbetweeners star Emily recently told of how she receives hundreds of messages sexually harassing her every day.

In an interview as part of UNILAD's 13 Minutes With series, the actor opened up about the horrific abuse she experiences online, saying how the constant harassment has left her fearing for her safety, with men claiming to know where she lives and even following her home.

When asked how many sexual messages she receives, Emily said: "I receive, on a daily basis... oh, I mean, it's hundreds, hundreds. I receive hundreds of messages."

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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